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Venezuelan general arrested over 'attack' on Maduro

Wednesday  00:30,   15 august 2018

Venezuela has arrested a general as part of a continuing probe into the alleged attempt to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro, the attorney general said Tuesday. Major General Alejandro Perez Gomez of the country's national guard appeared before a [...]
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Bolton to meet with Russian counterpart in Switzerland next week

Tuesday  23:31,   14 august 2018

National security adviser John Bolton will travel to Geneva, Switzerland, next week to meet with his Russian counterpart, the White House announced Tuesday. The meeting will serve as a follow-up to last month's summit between President[...]

Remains from North Korea ‘consistent’ with being American and from Korean War, Pentagon says

Tuesday  23:31,   14 august 2018

The Pentagon is reviewing the recently transferred remains that are believed to be those of U.S. soldiers killed in the Korean War.Pentagon officials reaffirmed Tuesday its commitment to identify the recently transferred remains believed to be those [...]

Trump frustrated that Turkey has not released pastor -White House

Tuesday  23:00,   14 august 2018

President Donald Trump is frustrated that Turkey has not released U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson, according to the White House, which is ratcheting up pressure on Ankara to free him after two years of detention. "The president has a great deal of[...]

Chinese Cops Now Spying on American Soil

Tuesday  21:51,   14 august 2018

<p>China is compiling a global registry of its ethnic minorities who have fled persecution, threatening to detain the families of those who don’t comply.</p>Yet even for those who have escaped China, surveillance and intimidation have[...]

What is V-J Day? History Behind Japan’s WWII Surrender

Tuesday  21:00,   14 august 2018

<p>“V-J Day” refers to Japan’s formal surrender to the Allies on August 14, 1945, which signaled the effective end of World War II.</p>View of a man sitting on a sidewalk and holding up a newspaper which reads: 'War Ends!' as he takes a swig[...]

Chile: 10 people killed in nursing home fire

Tuesday  20:45,   14 august 2018

<p>A fire swept through a nursing home in southern Chile on Tuesday, killing 10 elderly women, officials said.</p><p></p>Investigators were trying to determine the cause of the fire that broke out at around 3 a.m. in the women's[...]

Trump blasts terrorist 'animals' after new attack in London

Tuesday  16:06,   14 august 2018

<p>President Trump on Tuesday called for tougher measures against terrorists after a man drove his car into pedestrians in London, an event that police are investigating as a terrorist incident.</p>Slideshow by photo[...]

Uritrottoir: Eco-friendly open air urinals cause uproar in Paris

Tuesday  15:57,   14 august 2018

An attempt by officials in Paris to tackle public urination by installing open-air urinals, or "uritrottoirs," has outraged some residents of the French capital. The new urinals, housed in flower boxes, aren't subtle -- they're fully[...]

Sex slavery: South Korea marks first 'comfort women' day

Tuesday  14:35,   14 august 2018

South Korea and Taiwan unveiled new monuments dedicated to tens of thousands of Asian women forced to work in Japanese military brothels during World War II. In Seoul, ceremonies marked the country's first Memorial Day for Japanese Forces' Comfort[...]

Swedish roaming gangs set 80 cars on fire

Tuesday  13:45,   14 august 2018

Dozens of vehicles were set ablaze in multiple cities overnight, in an apparent coordinated action.Up to 80 vehicles were badly damaged by gangs of black-clad youths, beginning at about 21:00 local time (19:00[...]

Maduro announces curbs to cheap gas in Venezuela

Tuesday  13:30,   14 august 2018

President Nicolas Maduro announced that from now on Venezuela's dirt-cheap fuel will be available only to people with a special government aid card that the opposition has denounced as a tool for controlling people. The government of the[...]

Taiwan leader makes rare US speech

Tuesday  12:00,   14 august 2018

Taiwan's president has given a speech in the United States -- the first time in 15 years that a leader of the island has spoken publicly on American soil -- in a move likely to anger Beijing. During a stopover en route to Paraguay, Tsai Ing-wen, [...]

Tunisia anti-litter activist takes up 300-km, 30-beach challenge

Tuesday  10:50,   14 august 2018

Bin bags at the ready, "long-distance activist" Mohamed Oussama Houij moves methodically along a beach in Tunisia's Mediterranean town of Nabeul, scooping up all kinds of trash as he goes along. The 27-year-old sanitary engineer set[...]

South Korean women aren’t safe in public bathrooms—or their homes—because of spy-cam porn

Tuesday  07:50,   14 august 2018

Women are speaking out and taking to the streets in ever greater numbers in South Korea to demand greater equality and protection across a host of issues. Few problems, however, are drawing the kinds of numbers and ire as the country’s long-running [...]