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Former Indian PM Vajpayee, the gentler face of Hindu nationalism, dies

Thursday  16:15,   16 august 2018

Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who ordered nuclear tests to make India a nuclear weapons power and traveled by bus to Pakistan in a grand diplomatic gesture, died on Thursday, the hospital where he was admitted said in a statement. A[...]
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Keita re-elected Mali president with landslide

Thursday  15:26,   16 august 2018

Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has been re-elected for a five-year term after winning a landslide victory in a runoff ballot, according to official figures Thursday. The elections have been closely watched abroad, as Mali is a linchpin[...]

Taiwan cafe chain that irked Beijing vanishes from food platforms

Thursday  13:31,   16 august 2018

A Taiwan coffee chain that faces pressure in China after serving the island's president has disappeared from Chinese meal-ordering platforms, as Beijing warned it would oppose any businesses that support Taiwanese independence. 85C Bakery[...]

China unveils lunar rover it will send to the dark side of the moon

Thursday  12:26,   16 august 2018

China has unveiled a new lunar rover as it prepares to become the first nation in the world to explore the dark side of the moon later this year. Revealed at a press conference Wednesday, the unmanned vehicle is 1.5 meters (5 feet) long and about[...]

Number of faulty children's vaccines in China surges to over 900,000

Thursday  08:05,   16 august 2018

Hundreds of thousands of additional vaccines intended for children have been found to be faulty, the Chinese government announced Wednesday, raising the number of known defective vaccines in the country to almost one million. In a statement,[...]

Police probe whether South Korean firm's claim they'd found $130 billion of gold treasure on a Russian warship shipwreck was a cryptocurrency scam as traces of the company disappear

Thursday  05:05,   16 august 2018

Shinil Group claimed in July it had found the long-lost Russian Empire cruiser Dmitri Donskoi of the coast of South Korea and it was laden with gold bullion ready for the taking. The company convinced 120,000 Korean investors to buy $53 million[...]

Separated by the war, Koreans to meet in rare family reunion

Thursday  01:57,   16 august 2018

On a December day in 1950, at the height of civilian evacuations during the Korean War, Lee Geum Shim managed to carry her newborn daughter onto a ship at the port of Hungnam. Seoul, South Korea - On a December day in 1950, at the height of [...]

Is Mexico Safe? Newly Elected Congresswoman Kidnapped

Thursday  00:36,   16 august 2018

The politician’s kidnapping came after Genaro Negrete Urbano, the mayor of Naupan, was abducted along the same Hidalgo highway in July. He was later found shot dead earlier this month. Mexico’s recent election—which was the largest ever in the[...]

Nuclear Talks Were a 'Loss' and a 'Mistake' for Iran

Wednesday  23:55,   15 august 2018

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif initially argued that the deal would bring a windfall of foreign investment, but that promise did not materialize. Since the beginning of the year, inflation has rocked Iran, leading[...]

Pope Francis Silent About 1,000 Children Abused by Priests in Pennsylvania

Wednesday  21:01,   15 august 2018

<p>The pope has yet to respond to the news revealed about his church: that a Pennsylvania grand jury handed down a damning account of rampant abuse.</p>Load[...]

Walk in the woods: Japan toddler missing for 3 days found alive

Wednesday  20:16,   15 august 2018

<p>A 2-year-old boy who went missing in woods in western Japan has been found unharmed after three days alone.</p>Yoshiki Fujimoto disappeared on Sunday morning in the Yamaguchi region while out walking with his brother and grandfather, and[...]

Senior Chinese monk accused of sexual misconduct quits post

Wednesday  19:07,   15 august 2018

<p>Accused of harassing and demanding sexual favors from nuns, one of China's most high-profile Buddhist monks has resigned from a top national post.</p>The Buddhist Association of China said its president, Xuecheng (SHWEI'-chung), had[...]

Turkish court rejects U.S. pastor’s appeal to be released

Wednesday  17:40,   15 august 2018

<p>A Turkish court rejected an appeal from Andrew Brunson, but a higher court has yet to rule on the matter.</p>Reuters reported that the upper Turkish court could rule on Brunson's fate in the next day, though Brunson's attorney, Cem[...]

Afghan officials: Taliban attack in north kills 30 troops

Wednesday  11:46,   15 august 2018

Afghan officials say a Taliban assault on two adjacent checkpoints in northern Afghanistan has killed at least 30 soldiers and police.&nbsp;Mohammad Safdar Mohseni, the head of the provincial council in the northern Baghlan province, said the[...]

Japan's Abe sends offering to controversial shrine on World War Two anniversary

Wednesday  04:20,   15 august 2018

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a ritual offering to Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine for war dead on Wednesday, the anniversary of Japan's World War Two surrender, but did not visit in person. Past visits by Japanese leaders to [...]