US For sex abuse victim, MSU settlement is a "victory" but the fight isn't over

18:31  17 may  2018
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Michigan State and Nassar victims reach $500M settlement

  Michigan State and Nassar victims reach $500M settlement Michigan State University says it has reached a $500 million settlement with hundreds of women and girls who say they were sexually assaulted by sports doctor Larry Nassar in the worst sex-abuse case in sports history. The deal was announced Wednesday by Michigan State and lawyers for 332 victims.

For sex abuse victim , MSU settlement is a " victory " but the fight isn ' t over . Is the cost of a graduate degree worth it? Play Video. Machete-wielding woman caught on camera.

For sex abuse victim , MSU settlement is a " victory " but the fight isn ' t over . Is the cost of a graduate degree worth it? Play Video.

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Michigan State University will pay $500 million to settle claims from survivors of the biggest sex assault case in sports history. More than 300 women sued Michigan State for allegedly ignoring complaints about disgraced former doctor, Larry Nassar.

He abused female gymnasts and other athletes for decades, and will be in prison the rest of his life. The details of the settlement are still being finalized, but Michigan State's trustees approved its basic terms on Wednesday. Some survivors feel vindicated by this settlement, but they also insist their fight for justice is far from over, reports CBS News' Dr. Jon LaPook.  "It feels like a huge victory," said Jeanette Antolin, who was sexually assaulted repeatedly by Larry Nassar when she was a member of Team USA from 1995 to 2000. She was one of the first elite gymnasts to publicly accuse him of abuse during a "60 Minutes" interview last year. "There's stuff that you just can't take back. The trauma that's been done has been done. A lot -- most of us will live with it for the rest of our lives and no amount of money can change that," Antolin said. 

Archbishop guilty of child abuse cover-up

  Archbishop guilty of child abuse cover-up Philip Wilson is the most senior Catholic in the world to be charged and convicted of the offence. He was found to have covered up the abuse of altar boys by a paedophile priest in New South Wales in the 1970s.During his trial he denied any memory of being told about the abuse by two of the boys.He told the Newcastle Local Court he had not been aware of priest James Fletcher's abuse, which took place while he was an assistant priest in Maitland.Fletcher was convicted of nine child sexual abuse charges in 2004, and died in jail in 2006.

The Sister Survivors aren’ t giving up. Ever. But they can’ t fight this battle alone. Lou Anna K. Simon served as the president of MSU for 13 years, until the scrutiny over MSU ’s These bills aimed to, among other things, drastically increase the statute of limitations for victims of sex abuse , and make

In a lawsuit Maroney filed against USA Gymnastics, USOC, MSU and Nassar, she also revealed that USA Gymnastics paid a settlement to her and But, she continued, “If there is one thing gymnastics teaches you, it’s that you get up when you fall. We can’ t give up [ the fight ] to end sexual abuse .”

Parents of Larry Nassar abuse victims share pain, call for accountability

The settlement will cost Michigan State University $500 million -- $425 million will be split among 332 survivors who sued the university and the other $75 million is set aside for victims who may come forward in the future.

MSU kept Nassar on its payroll despite complaints that he abused victims under the guise of providing medical treatment. Recently unearthed video shows Nassar deflecting blame onto his victims during questioning by campus police.

"If you touch someone wrong, they should tell you no," Nassar said.

The MSU settlement raises the stakes for USA Gymnastics, which used Nassar as its team doctor. It also faces lawsuits along with the U.S. Olympic Committee and coaches Bela and Martha Karolyi. "They should be very afraid of those women getting up and telling their story to a jury, because their story is horrific….And they have been treated like human garbage," attorney John Manley said. He represents 175 survivors.  Manley says a retired judge will decide how much each survivor will get, but for Jeanette Antolin and others, their fight – at its core – has never been about getting money. It's been about getting to the truth and holding responsible individuals and institutions accountable.

Cougar attack in Washington kills 1 biker, injures another .
One man is dead and another is injured after they were attacked by a cougar Saturday while mountain biking in Washington State, police said. King County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Ryan Abbott said the pair, whose identities haven't been released, were attacked while they were going for a mountain bike ride in North Bend,  east of Seattle.It is not clear if the victims were biking together or separately.Police said that one victim, in his late 40s, was transported to a hospital with unspecified injuries. The second victim was found dead and, according to Abbott, had not been removed from the scene.

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