US More Kids Are Attempting and Thinking About Suicide, According to a New Study

17:21  16 may  2018
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Afghan police foil suicide attack on Kabul blood drive

  Afghan police foil suicide attack on Kabul blood drive A suicide bomber targeting a blood drive for victims of recent attacks blew himself up in Kabul on Monday after being spotted by police, officials said, causing no other casualties. The foiled attack comes exactly a week after a double bombing in the Afghan capital killed 25 people, including AFP chief photographer Shah Marai and eight other journalists. The latest suicide bomber detonated himself after being spotted and shot at by police in Shar-e-Naw park in the heart of Kabul, police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai told AFP.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - About one in 25 U.S. teens has attempted suicide , according to a new national study , and one in eight has thought about it. Researchers said those numbers are similar to the prevalence of lifetime suicidal thinking and attempts reported by adults

And in many cases, suicidal thinking and suicide attempts were still increased among those who had reported a suicide in their school two years Friends closest to the suicide victim were no more likely to have an increased risk of suicidal thoughts than other acquaintances, according to the study .

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The number of kids hospitalized for thinking about or attempting suicide doubled in less than a decade, according to a study published Wednesday in Pediatrics.

In 2008, 0.66% of all U.S. children’s hospital visits were due to either suicide attempts or suicidal thoughts, also known as suicide ideation. By 2015, according to the study, that number had jumped to 1.82%, with rates rising across age groups and demographics.

The largest increases were seen among adolescents between two age groups — 15 and 17, and 12 and 14 — according to the study. Increases were also higher among girls than boys, the study says. Interestingly, the researchers also observed significantly more suicide attempts or ideations during the school year; that’s in contrast to adults, among whom suicide rates tend to spike in spring and summer.

Court rules MIT can't be held liable for student's suicide

  Court rules MIT can't be held liable for student's suicide Massachusetts' highest court has ruled that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology cannot be held responsible for the death of a graduate student who killed himself in 2009. The Supreme Judicial Court sided with MIT on Monday in the closely-watched case that examined whether colleges and universities have a duty to protect students from harming themselves.

As the studies in the meta-analysis mainly looked at suicidal ideation, with some studies looking at non-successful suicide attempts , the analysis cannot explain Children involved in cyber-bullying much more likely to view web content containing self-harm and suicide , according to a new study .

Children who have autism may be at greater risk for thinking about or attempting suicide than children without the condition, according to a new study . "Out of those kids , almost half of them had suicidal ideation of attempts ," Gorman said of the bullied or teased children.

To reach these findings, researchers used billing data from the Pediatric Health Information System database, which tracks youth emergency room and inpatient hospital visits. The database showed that more than 115,800 suicide attempts or ideations occurred during the seven-year study period.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shown that the number of teenagers dying by suicide is also on the rise.

Why youth suicide rates are creeping up is harder to suss out. It may have something to do with climbing rates of depression and loneliness among young people, or that pediatricians are increasingly referring children with mental health issues to specialists or hospitals. The prevalence of social media may also play a part, Dr. Gregory Plemmons, an associate professor of clinical pediatrics at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and the new study’s first author, told NBC News.

David Goodall, 104-year-old scientist, dies in assisted suicide

  David Goodall, 104-year-old scientist, dies in assisted suicide <p>David Goodall, a scientist who argued for the “right to die,” is dead at 104 after an assisted suicide.</p>Goodall made headlines after announcing that he was going to Switzerland to end his life after coming to regret that he had lived so long.

(Rick Runion / The Ledger ). Victims of bullying were more than twice as likely as other kids to contemplate suicide and about 2.5 times as likely to try to kill themselves, according to a new study that quantifies the emotional effects of being teased, harassed

Children in the study who had been bullied were twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts, and more than twice as likely to attempt suicide as kids who weren't bullied, according to the study , published online today (March 10) in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

“I don’t have any one magic answer that explains why we’re seeing this,” Plemmons said. “We know that anxiety and depression are increasing in young adults as well as adults. I think some people have theorized it’s social media maybe playing a role, that kids don’t feel as connected as they used to be.”

Suicide is also a significant public health issue for adults. A February editorial in the BMJ even attributed a modest dip in the U.S. life expectancy to suicide, along with drug and alcohol misuse.

If you or someone you know may be contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Study: Young Black Children Have Higher Suicide Rates Than Whites .
A new study found racial disparities in suicide rates between black children and white children vary by age.Black children have higher suicide rates than white children at younger ages, but those proportions flip in the teenage years, according to a new study that challenges commonly held beliefs about racial disparities in child suicide rates.

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