US Million killer bees threaten Texas neighborhood: 'It was like a horror movie'

20:50  12 april  2018
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Man accused of 'cough medicine' killing was fascinated with 'American Psycho,' police say

  Man accused of 'cough medicine' killing was fascinated with 'American Psycho,' police say A man who told police that he thought he killed his wife after taking cold medicine was fascinated with the horror film "American Psycho" and talked to a friend about what it would be like to kill someone, according to search warrants.Matthew Phelps, a 29-year-old Bible college graduate, called 911 just after 1:10 a.m. Sept. 1. He said his wife of less than a year, Lauren Hugelmaier Phelps, had been stabbed. He then told police that he had taken Coricidin and awoke to find his wife dead and a knife on the bed in their home in North Raleigh.

Killer bee horror : Woman barricades house against deadly swarm of 5,000 beasts. AN ELDERLY woman was left terrified and trapped in her home after being attacked by a massive swarm of killer bees . “ It was like something out of a horror movie ”.

“ It ’s like a horror movie .” Her neighbor , Frances Ward, said, “I’ve never seen anything like this. Killer wasps turn spiders into zombies, make them build super web for larvae (VIDEO) http UPI reported that a similar spider emergency event covered a Texas neighborhood with several hundred

a group of honeycomb: A million aggressive bees were found in a home that is threatening an El Paso neighborhood. © Provided by Fox News A million aggressive bees were found in a home that is threatening an El Paso neighborhood.

One million aggressive bees have swarmed a Texas neighborhood and residents are unsure of what to do.

The bees have set up shop in an east El Paso home for about three years, but homeowners said the insects have lately become more aggressive. The couple told KFOX14 that they are worried about people who walk by the home and the children who go to school nearby.

Bee specialist Pyong Livingston went to the home to remove the hive but the bees became agitated during extraction. Rudy Reyes, a KFOX14 photographer, reported that he was stung eight times while shooting video of the bees.

This forensic science expert has testified in some notorious cases

  This forensic science expert has testified in some notorious cases Crime lab chemist Annie Dookhan was a classic failure. That’s according to veteran forensic expert Robin Cotton, who was horrified as she watched the Massachusetts crime lab scandal unfold six years ago. Dookhan falsified evidence in thousands of drug-related court cases. As a forensic practitioner herself, Cotton says, she understands the pressures scientists can face from heavy caseloads, law enforcement, and exposure to horrifyingly violent crime scenes. “A lab chemist can somehow get it into their head that they are there to facilitate the prosecution.

When it comes to creating an effective horror movie animal, one tried and true way for making a scary creature even scarier is to supersize it . However, The Swarm, made during the 1970s heyday of disaster movies , takes the killer bee threat to ludicrous levels.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee– Some residents say it looks like a horror movie is playing out in their neighborhood . Experts tell WMC, neighbors should not be concerned. “ It ’s a mass dispersal of the millions of tiny spiders that have Package bomb explodes in Texas , this time at shipping center.


"I went on top of the roof. I went there with my camera and he was with his helper," Reyes said. "As soon as they got there and opened the roof, the shingles from the roof, it was, like, believe me, it was like a horror movie -- seeing this swarm of bees just coming out in a black cloud. Within seconds, I started getting stung by bees. I got two in the eye, in the head, and I just went into my unit (vehicle). Even though I went into my unit, I still got bees inside my unit."

Livingston said there were about a million bees in the hive and were mixed, African and European bees. He said the bees were 20 to 30 times more aggressive than normal honeybees.

“We were swarmed. We found that, as soon as we opened up a little area, we thought there were maybe 20,000 bees,” Livingston said. “It turns out to be over 100,000 bees. So they swarmed us and they started biting me all over, even with the suits."

The First Purge trailer shows where the horrors all began

  The First Purge trailer shows where the horrors all began We’ve seen what The Purge can do to people. Now, see how Marisa Tomei started it all. The first trailer forThe First Purge, the fourth installment of The Purge horror franchise, shows how this experiment in horror began when a doctor and The New Founding Fathers introduced a novel idea: What if all crime was legal for 12 hours every year? Would it help reduce crime rates? At least, that’s what they told the public. The First Purge sees this form of “legalized crime” play out in an isolated segment of the population, and despite harsh opposition from the public, they come to realize “human nature does not obey the laws of politics.” The ongoing story of the franchise has always held overtones of marginalized communities being sabotaged by their own government. With The First Purge, we see how the black community, one that refused to participate, didn’t have a fighting chance because The NFF secretly sent in soldiers disguised as citizens to spur everything on. “Our neighborhood is under siege from a government who doesn’t a s— about any of us,” they say. We know how this all plays out due to the existence of The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy, and The Purge: Election Year. But who will survive the first night? Gerard McMurray (Burning Sands) directed The First Purge, based on a screenplay written by James DeMonaco, who wrote and directed the previous films. Y’Lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, and Luna Lauren Velez star. The film will arrive in theaters on July 4 — Independence Day.

Producers for the movie didn't cooperate; Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was eventually released in A Canadian horror -comedy about a man getting revenge on the killer who raped and murdered While its plot may feel like a fever dream, it 's no more violent or graphic than other horror movies of the era.

Soon, Hollywood was churning out cheap horror movies like The Swarm and Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare. … The front shifted from country to country as the Africanized bees picked up speed and killed an estimated 1,000 people in Latin America. They invaded Texas in 1990


The city of El Paso said the bees were “not the city’s responsibility” and are the homeowner’s duty to remove or exterminate them.

Livingston was able to remove some of the beehive but not all of it. In order to remove all the beehive, the walls would need to be opened and then closed after the hive is removed.

Bees become more active in the summer when it’s warmer. There have been cases of people being killed by bees. In 2014, an Arizona man was killed after a group of very aggressive bees became angry by the sound of a lawnmower and attacked him, The Telegraph reported. He died of a heart attack following the swarm of bees attacking him.

Nebraska death penalty hearing for Patrick Schroeder .
A two-time killer says he's ready to die and he doesn't want to fight state prosecutors who will make that case Thursday. Patrick Schroeder was convicted of strangling his cellmate at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution.Schroeder was already a convicted killer when he killed Terry Berry Jr.Berry was killed, Schroeder said, because he kept talking while the two watched TV.Berry was in prison for writing bad checks and found himself sharing a cell with a convicted killer.

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