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Confusion rampant within Baltimore police HQ after commissioner's firing, as other commanders have access, phones cut

Friday  21:13,   19 january 2018

Confusion was rampant inside Baltimore Police headquarters on Friday following Mayor Catherine Pugh’s announcement that she had fired Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, as other top commanders had their access to the building and their cell phone[...]

Flu widespread throughout the nation, 30 children dead

Friday  21:12,   19 january 2018

Flu season, one of the most severe in recent years, has not yet peaked, according to the latest national report from the CDC.Influenza activity has increased and is now widespread in 49 states -- all except Hawaii -- for the week ending January 13, [...]

Flu death count in California spikes

Friday  21:12,   19 january 2018
Tribune News Service

The death toll from influenza in California rose sharply on Friday, amid a brutal flu season that has spread across the nation. State health officials said that 32 people under 65 died last week of the flu, making it the deadliest week this season[...]

Just Breathing May Be Enough to Spread the Flu, Study Says

Friday  21:12,   19 january 2018

For years, you’ve been told to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, especially when you’re sick. For years, you’ve been told to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, especially when you’re sick. But a new study finds that it may[...]

The Island Paradise Where The U.S. Tests Missiles to Neutralize The North Korean Threat

Friday  20:37,   19 january 2018
The Daily Beast

The Olympic pause on the Korean Peninsula is a good sign. But in the meantime, in Hawaii, the U.S. is developing and deploying weapons meant to block Kim Jong Un's missiles.Load[...]

A government shutdown will hurt the CDC’s ability to fight flu

Friday  20:36,   19 january 2018

What the government shutdown will mean for the nation’s top public health agencies. If Congress and the White House don’t agree on a new budget by midnight Friday, the US government is going to shut down.That means all “nonessential” federal[...]

Marijuana industry gets blunt: Stop using the word 'pot'

Friday  20:36,   19 january 2018
Tribune News Service

<p>He was dressed in a three-piece suit. But Chris Coogan nearly went unnoticed when he dropped by a San Diego city councilor's office last year to do some lobbying on marijuana laws.</p>Load[...]

University of Alabama student expelled over racist rant posted on social media

Friday  19:12,   19 january 2018

A 19-year-old student from New Jersey has been expelled from the University of Alabama after posting racist videos where she repeatedly uses a racial slur. Harley Barber, 19, was also booted from her sorority, Alpha Phi, after posting the[...]

One year ago, she marched. This year, she's a councilwoman

Friday  19:11,   19 january 2018

Stephe Koontz's journey from political paralysis to politician embodies what Women's March organizers describe as the movement's next phase.The Atlanta suburb had opened its doors to immigrants in recent years, but it wasn't yet ready[...]

GOP lawmaker: 'Something's not adding up' on Las Vegas shooting

Friday  19:11,   19 january 2018
The Hill

GOP lawmaker claims he's been made aware of "credible evidence, credible information, regarding terrorist infiltration through the southern border regarding this incident.""It's been four months, as you said, the man's dead, they said[...]

Rider douses woman with liquid on Chicago Transit train, then sets seats on fire

Friday  19:11,   19 january 2018

A man on a CTA Red Line train doused another passenger with an unknown liquid then set a small fire on the train car in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood on Thursday, according to witnesses and authorities. Leora Arsers, 26, was riding in a crowded [...]

Prep school says lawsuit settled in sex assault case

Friday  17:36,   19 january 2018
Associated Press

<p>A New Hampshire prep school says it has settled a lawsuit filed by the parents of a student who was sexually assaulted in 2014 during a game of sexual conquest.</p>Chessy Prout was a 15-year-old freshman when she accused Owen Labrie[...]

Florida Might Declare Porn a Health Risk

Friday  17:36,   19 january 2018
Law & Crime

The resolution says risks include increased demands for prostitution, and children being exposed to porn at young ages. It also states that kids who see porn are at a "higher risk of developing low self-esteem, an eating disorder, and a desire[...]

Anti-smoking plan may kill cigarettes--and save Big Tobacco

Friday  16:40,   19 january 2018
Associated Press

Imagine if cigarettes were no longer addictive and smoking itself became almost obsolete; only a tiny segment of Americans still lit up. That's the goal of an unprecedented anti-smoking plan being carefully fashioned by U.S. health officials.[...]

California AG: 'We will prosecute' employers who violate sanctuary laws

Friday  11:25,   19 january 2018
FOX News

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra warned employers Thursday of legal repercussions if they assist federal immigration officials in an impending crackdown in the sanctuary state, the Sacramento Bee reported. Under a new state law – the[...]