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Google Pay is the new Android Pay

Wednesday  00:06,   21 february 2018

Google recently admitted that Android Pay and Google Wallet probably didn't need to exist as two different services. For that, you still have to use Google Wallet, which is now called Google Pay Send to keep it on-brand, if a bit[...]

Google’s new AI algorithm predicts heart disease by looking at your eyes

Wednesday  00:01,   21 february 2018
The Verge

<p>Scientists from Google and its health-tech subsidiary Verily have discovered a new way to assess a person’s risk of heart disease using machine learning.</p>The algorithm potentially makes it quicker and easier for doctors to analyze a[...]

Snapchat now has Giphy integration and will introduce a Tabs function for Stories

Tuesday  20:17,   20 february 2018
The Verge

Snapchat has launched a new feature that allows you to add Giphy animated stickers to your snaps, similar to the one recently added to Instagram Stories just a few weeks ago.&nbsp;Load[...]

Swype is reportedly bidding the consumer keyboard biz farewell

Tuesday  16:36,   20 february 2018

It may be time to find a new go-to keyboard if you're still using Swype after all these years. Swype parent company Nuance told XDA Developers that the development of Swype with Dragon Dictation for Android has been[...]

Samsung Electronics to slash OLED panel production as iPhone X demand disappoints: Nikkei

Tuesday  12:05,   20 february 2018

Samsung Electronics Co will slash output of its organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels in response to its customer Apple Inc's decision to cut production of iPhone X amid weak demand, the Nikkei reported on Tuesday. Samsung Display, the[...]

Erica, the humanoid robot, is chatty but still has a lot to learn

Tuesday  08:20,   20 february 2018

<p>Erica greets me, asks my name and how I’m enjoying my trip to Japan. She nods her head as I speak and her eyes wander as if she’s going to work the room, but she seems only to be listening to me.</p>This eerie humanoid just happens to be a [...]

Samsung wants to build drones that you control with your eyes

Tuesday  00:11,   20 february 2018

These days, it feels like screens are everywhere. Samsung might be about to take that to a higher level. A division of the Korean tech…A division of the Korean tech giant was awarded a patent Feb. 13 (flagged this week by The Verge and surfaced by[...]

Apple releases iOS 11.2.6 to fix iPhone crash bug

Tuesday  00:11,   20 february 2018
The Verge

Apple has released iOS 11.2.6 today, which includes a bug fix for the Indian language (Telugu) character that crashes an iPhone and makes apps like Messages, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp inaccessible.&nbsp;Apple promised an update before iOS [...]

Kingdom Come developer promises changes to game’s controversial save system

Monday  22:50,   19 february 2018

When Kingdom Come: Deliverance launched on Feb. 13. the game was riddled with bugs, and the developers at Warhorse Studios have been working hard to patch out the worst of them. Over the weekend they took just a moment to to detail future plans,[...]

LG will reportedly introduce a redesigned flagship phone in June

Monday  21:17,   19 february 2018
The Verge

LG will introduce a redesigned flagship phone in June, codenamed Judy, reports Venture Beat. LG has previously said it would depart from its predictable smartphone launch cycle, with this June rumor marking a notable change . LG traditionally[...]

Fighting the flu? This technology tries to help you get well faster

Monday  21:15,   19 february 2018

Get a doctor to visit you instead of visiting a sick waiting area or arrange a virtual visit.As one of the worst influenza outbreaks on record sweeps across America, that’s a question hundreds of scientists, inventors and health officials are[...]

NASA's Next Planet Hunter Arrives in Florida Ahead of April Launch

Monday  18:55,   19 february 2018

NASA's next exoplanet-hunting space telescope has arrived in Florida, two months ahead of its planned launch. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) was delivered via truck to NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) on Monday (Feb. 12),[...]

That orbiting Tesla Roadster could stay in space for a long time

Monday  12:33,   19 february 2018

Researchers suggest a small chance the Tesla Roadster will hit Earth in one million years.More like "a few tens of millions of years," said researchers in a study posted to Cornell University's arXiv's site. According to reports, the study will be[...]

The case for using the iPhone X without a case

Sunday  22:32,   18 february 2018
The Verge

The iPhone X, the most expensive smartphone Apple has ever made, is undeniably an aesthetic marvel, from the chrome-colored rounded corners and the reflective glass rear cover to the elliptical vertical camera module.&nbsp;The iPhone X, the most [...]

Sennheiser’s ultimate ‘ear bud’

Sunday  22:32,   18 february 2018

The Sennheiser IE800 S throws a party for your ears.The IE800 S features a single 7mm driver mounted in each ceramic ear piece; impedance is rated at 16 ohms. It comes with a rather deluxe looking real leather travel case. I like the silicone and[...]