Technology Guinness World Records Disqualifies Billy Mitchell’s Perfect ‘Pac-Man’ Run, Other Achievements

19:36  13 april  2018
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A Berzerk world record score of 104,680 was done on June 30, 1984 by Ron K. Bailey and published in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1986, which was beat by Chris Ayra, a friend, of perfect Pac - Man Billy Mitchell , with a new Berzerk World Record of 325,270 March 27-28, 2005.

T. he first time I see Billy Mitchell he is holding court among the games, greeting ad-mirers, signing autographs, and distributing a stack of bumper stickers that celebrate his great-est achievement : WORLD ’ S FIRST PERFECT PAC - MAN .

Steve Wiebe, Seth Gordon are posing for a picture© Provided by Variety

Billy Mitchell’s perfect “Pac-Man” run and highest score, as well as his “Donkey Kong” score made famous in the documentary “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters,” will no longer be recognized by Guinness World Records, the organization told Variety on Friday.

The decision to remove all of his world records is driven by news yesterday that Twin Galaxies, which is Guinness’ official source for verification of these achievements, was stripping all of Mitchell’s high scores and banning him from future attempts after it was discovered that he was not playing on a regulation arcade version of “Donkey Kong” to set his records.

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When the Guinness Book of World Records first included a listing for video games in 1985 (discontinued in 1987), Mitchell held the records for Pac - Man , Ms. Pac - Man , Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong, Jr., Centipede, and Burger Time.

The official Pac - Man world record has become a little less attainable, as the sixth person in history to achieve a perfect score in Namco' s arcade classic is also the fastest to date. The first perfect Pac - Man score was achieved by hot sauce mogul Billy Mitchell in 1999

Twin Galaxies wrote Thursday in an statement that Mitchell’s famous "Donkey Kong” score of 1,047,200 was not achieved on an arcade machine — a requirement for Twin Galaxies and Guinness — but rather through the use of emulation software. Using emulated software, and not the original circuit board version of the game, means a player could cheat in any number of potentially undetectable ways. That’s why all submitted high scores must be from playing on original, unmodified arcade machine.

“Twin Galaxies is Guinness World Records’ trusted adviser on video game high scores and as such we rely on it to monitor high score gaming records and handle any and all disputes that occur within its community,” a spokesperson told Variety. “The Guinness World Records titles relating to Mr. Mitchell’s highest scores on ‘Donkey Kong’ have all been disqualified due to Twin Galaxies being our source of verification for these achievements.”

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Billy Mitchell Achieves Perfect Pac - Man Score At Funspot. Mitchell , who refused to eat until he beat the Canadians for the world record , went hungry for nearly two full days. “I had to be first,” Mitchell explains.

The story of Pac - Man and Billy Mitchell , Perfect Pacman . Billy Mitchell is the (first) person known to play a perfect game of Pac - Man . The company has several new games this year, including "Pac-Mania 3D," " Pac - Man World 3," Pac-Pix" and " Pac - Man Pinball."

“We also recognize records for first perfect score on ‘Pac-Man’ and Highest score on ‘Pac-Man,'” the spokesperson added. “Twin Galaxies was the original source of verification for these record titles and in line with their decision to remove all of Mr. Mitchell’s records from their system, we have disqualified Mr. Mitchell as the holder of these two records. Guinness World Records will look to update and find the appropriate holder of these records in the next few days. ”

Mitchell has not responded to Variety’s request for comment.

(Pictured: Steve Wiebe, Donkey Kong champ, and Seth Gordon, director, “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters”)

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