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Christa McAuliffe's lost lessons finally taught in space

Friday  20:20,   19 january 2018
Associated Press

Christa McAuliffe's lost lessons are finally getting taught in space. Thirty-two years after the Challenger disaster, a pair of teachers turned astronauts will pay tribute to McAuliffe by carrying out her science classes on the[...]

Nintendo Labo Almost Tossed In Trash At Ratings Board

Friday  20:20,   19 january 2018
Rolling Stone

The USK say it was headed to the bin when it was interceptedGermany's software ratings board almost had an unfortunate accident with Nintendo's innovative and recently announced Labo[...]

Google Home or Chromecast might be crashing your Wi-Fi

Friday  17:47,   19 january 2018

If your Wi-Fi isn't working like it should, Google Home or Chromecast may be affecting it. Here's what you can do right now.Since then, other devices have been affected by the bug, including other Google Home speakers and Chromecast dongles, [...]

Booby-trapped messaging apps used for spying: researchers

Friday  17:46,   19 january 2018

An espionage campaign using malware-infected messaging apps has been stealing smartphone data from activists, soldiers, lawyers, journalists and others in more than 20 countries, researchers said in a report Thursday. A report authored by digital[...]

10 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2018

Friday  17:46,   19 january 2018

How AI can change the marketplace (and the world) this year.Companies aren't the only ones investing time, money and energy into advancing AI technology -- a recent article in The New Yorker reported that the Chinese government has been pursuing AI[...]

Neutron Star Merger Afterglow Surprisingly Brighter Now

Friday  17:44,   19 january 2018
International Business Times

The first ever merger of two neutron stars was observed in August, an event that also sent gravitational waves rippling through the universe. If anything, the X-ray emission from the merged object has continued to grow in intensity, as have radio[...]

Intel's new cameras add human-like 3D vision to any machine

Friday  11:25,   19 january 2018

Intel has released two ready-to-use RealSense depth cameras, the D415 and the D435, that can add 3D capabilities to any device or machine. They both come in a USB-powered form factor and are capable of processing depth in real time, thanks to the[...]

What to do if you lose your phone while traveling

Friday  00:10,   19 january 2018

A lost, broken or stolen phone could put your trip in serious jeopardy. Here's how to recover."Oh, no, I left my phone in[...]

Instagram now tells everyone when you’re active, here’s how to hide it

Friday  00:10,   19 january 2018

Another day, another feature nobody asked for. Facebook subsidiary Instagram has now enabled activity status in direct messages: this means that practically all of your friends will now be able to see when the last time you were actively using the[...]

The mirrors at CES had a lot to say about your life and looks

Friday  00:10,   19 january 2018

At this year's tech show in Las Vegas, companies showed off mirrors that analyze your skin, organize your wardrobe and more.Everyone from small startups to well-known names in electronics presented their versions of the smart mirror at CES.[...]

U.S. tests nuclear power system to sustain astronauts on Mars

Friday  00:10,   19 january 2018

<p>Initial tests in Nevada on a compact nuclear power system designed to sustain a long-duration NASA human mission on the inhospitable surface of Mars have been successful and a full-power run is scheduled for March, officials said on[...]

Seven apps and tools to organize your life

Thursday  21:50,   18 january 2018
Popular Science

Restore order to your days.&nbsp;&nbsp;To begin, you'll need a note-taking app where you can consolidate your scribbles, lists, and fragmented notes. We like Google Keep, with its straightforward interface and compatibility across multiple[...]

9 best cheap smartphones 2018: affordable phones to suit any budget

Thursday  21:04,   18 january 2018

Cheap phones which don't break the bank - get the latest handset features on a budgetWe think the OnePlus 5T is the best budget smartphone you can buy. It carries all of the Apple prestige and premium build quality, without the massive price[...]

The World's Biggest Jet Engine Is About to Get a Blast of Ice

Thursday  21:03,   18 january 2018

When temperatures drop below -6 degrees F, engineers in Manitoba will bring the freeze to the GE9X.While the American South hunkers down and waits for this week’s blast of snow and icy temperatures to dissipate, a crew of aviation engineers up in[...]

Mystery Solved! Discovery of Organic Molecules Explains Universe's Infrared Glow

Thursday  20:21,   18 january 2018

It is emitted by an organic molecule called benzonitrile, which seems to permeate every part of the known universe. The researchers presented their findings here at the 231st meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Benzonitrile belongs[...]