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Rockstar Games’ Parent Company Effectively Blocks ‘GTA V’ Cheat Programs

Friday  19:30,   17 august 2018

Take-Two Interactive effectively blocked the sale of cheat programs for use in “Grand Theft Auto V” via court ruling, according to Reuters. Georgia resident David Zipperer stands accused of selling computer programs, Menyoo and Absolute, which allow [...]
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3.4 Billion-Years-Old Fossils Similar To Modern Bacteria

Friday  16:56,   17 august 2018

According to the research, these fossils are now ranked among the oldest evidence of life on Earth.Back in 2013, scientists discovered fossils from 3.4 billion years ago at a formation called Strelley Pool in Western Australia. It looked like the[...]

Air Force’s Critical Space Systems At Risk Of Hardware, Software Attacks

Friday  13:51,   17 august 2018

A recent review by the Department of Defense's inspector general office revealed security flaws that could be exploited to compromise the nation's four critical space systems.The audit, mandated by the Congress last year, reviewed the[...]

NASA's Planetary Defense Could Deploy Mini Probes To Study Space-Rocks

Friday  13:51,   17 august 2018

The motion of small probes around an asteroid could provide information regarding its weight.The extensive project still continues, but every now and then some small or big space rock makes an uninvited appearance and flies by our planet. This has[...]

Mind blown: Oldest galaxies in the universe found

Friday  11:41,   17 august 2018

<p>A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.</p>But this isn't science fiction: Astronomers down here on Earth identified some of the oldest galaxies in the universe, a new study says. At 13 billion years old, the galaxies began to[...]

NASA's Hubble Telescope captures 15,000 galaxies in one dazzling image

Friday  10:06,   17 august 2018

<p>I honestly almost can't believe this is real and it makes me feel so infinitely small.</p>Look at this. Just look at it. Take your time with[...]

Does Earth have more than one moon? Researchers propose ‘mini-moon’ theory

Friday  04:07,   17 august 2018

We've all been taught from a very young age that the Earth has just one natural satellite. The Moon is there, it's easy to see at night from just about anywhere, and for the most part it's a pretty neat little friend for our planet. Some [...]

NASA identifies 'foreign object debris' spotted by Mars rover

Friday  04:05,   17 august 2018

NASA solves a Mars mystery after analyzing a strange flake-like object.The rover snapped an image of a thin, light-colored item laying on top of the reddish ground. It stands out from the surrounding[...]

New ‘Hitman 2’ Trailer Shows Off The Game’s Immersive World

Thursday  22:57,   16 august 2018

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new “Hitman 2” trailer on Thursday that focuses on the stealth game’s immersive world and detailed non-playable characters. “Hitman 2 — How to Hitman: Immersion” is the first installment of a new[...]

Diablo 3 is officially coming to Nintendo Switch

Thursday  21:50,   16 august 2018

Switch version of Diablo 3: Eternal Collection will include exclusive Zelda itemsThe Switch release of Diablo 3 will feature a handful of Nintendo-exclusive items, all of them based on The Legend of Zelda. There’s a Ganondorf-inspired cosmetic armor [...]

Pokemon Go launches parental login portal for more oversight of young players

Thursday  20:35,   16 august 2018

Better late than[...]

NASA is running a 3D printing competition to design homes on Mars

Thursday  17:41,   16 august 2018

NASA has set its sights on building homes on Mars.&nbsp;18 teams were tasked with designing a virtual model of a 3D-printed house on Mars. They were encouraged to use recycled material and “indigenous resources” (basically Martian rocks) in an[...]

Earth's Ingredients May Be Similar to Distant Planets

Thursday  17:33,   16 august 2018

The findings could have implications for how planets form and the search for Earth-like worlds.Using some of the world’s most powerful telescopes, scientists measured the compositions of 18 different planetary systems and compared them to our own.[...]

Ultra hot planet KELT-9b has iron and titanium in its atmosphere

Thursday  10:10,   16 august 2018

An ultra hot planet 650 light years from Earth has an atmosphere of vaporized iron and titanium and surface temperatures approaching that of our sun, according to new observations. KELT-9b is an "archetype of the class of ultra hot Jupiters that[...]

Diablo III leaks for the Switch, out later this year

Thursday  02:08,   16 august 2018

It looks like Diablo III is coming to the Switch, according to a since-deleted post from Forbes that was spotted by Reddit user Riomegon. The Switch port of the game is apparently going to be released as the Diablo III: Eternal Collection, a $59.99[...]