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Pelosi needs big cushion to return as Speaker

Tuesday  15:33,   24 april 2018
The Hill

The fate of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) could hinge on one number: how many House seats Democrats win back in November. Pelosi, who has led the Democrats since 2003, has given no indication she intends to relinquish her position,[...]

Romney Failed to Win at Utah Convention, but Few Believe He’s Doomed

Tuesday  15:31,   24 april 2018
The New York Times

The 2012 G.O.P. presidential nominee, running for an open Senate seat, faced conservatives who disliked his ideological swerving, and a fear among hard-right activists that they were losing power.“I don’t think it was any particular surprise for[...]

After close vote, panel sends Pompeo nomination to Senate

Tuesday  15:06,   24 april 2018
Associated Press

A close committee vote on CIA Director Mike Pompeo's nomination as secretary of state is sending a warning to the White House as other Trump administration nominees face the possibility of stiff resistance.Pompeo, who's now CIA director,[...]

Trump’s CIA pick facing brutal confirmation fight

Tuesday  13:53,   24 april 2018
The Hill

The Senate’s debate over Gina Haspel’s confirmation as CIA director is poised to be a bitter litigation of one of the most controversial episodes in recent U.S. history. Haspel, the CIA's deputy director, is indelibly tied to the agency's use of[...]

California Democrats are dreaming about a White House run in 2020

Tuesday  13:52,   24 april 2018
NBC News

For the first time in decades, a number of Golden State Democrats are eyeing the next presidential race.And they are already beginning to test the waters, at least a little. On a recent Saturday night in Iowa, two Golden State Democrats, Los Angeles [...]

Aimed at China, Trump's tariffs are hitting closer to home

Tuesday  13:52,   24 april 2018
Associated Press

President Donald Trump's escalating dispute with China over trade and technology is threatening jobs and profits in working-class communities where his "America First" agenda hit home with American voters. The Commerce Department has[...]

Senate panel to examine Trump officials' election security efforts

Tuesday  13:52,   24 april 2018
The Hill

'Cyberattacks targeting government agencies, private businesses, and individuals are increasing in frequency and scope,' Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) will say in opening remarks.Load[...]

Voters head to the polls in Arizona special election

Tuesday  13:52,   24 april 2018

Voters outside of Phoenix head to the polls on Tuesday, looking to fill a vacancy created when Republican Rep. Trent Franks resigned in December amid sexual harassment allegations. Democrats don't think they will win the race that pits Hiral[...]

Democrats face test of their momentum in Arizona special election

Tuesday  13:52,   24 april 2018

In Tuesday's special election in an Arizona House race outside of Phoenix, candidate Hiral Tipirneni is hoping to become the next Democrat to pull off an upset victory in a reliably Republican district. After victories in Pennsylvania's 18th[...]

Trump and Macron Share Another Extended Handshake

Tuesday  11:25,   24 april 2018

<p>President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron's love of prolonged handshakes was again on display as the French president arrived in Washington for a state visit Monday.</p>After Macron arrived at the White House[...]

Trump Administration Pushes Abstinence in Teen Pregnancy Programs

Tuesday  07:05,   24 april 2018
The New York Times

New rules don’t explicitly exclude teaching about contraception and protected sex, but favor “sexual risk avoidance” and don’t require as rigorous evidence of efficacy.The Trump administration has issued new rules for funding programs to prevent[...]

Toensing: Trump got 'a thrill' from pardoning Scooter Libby

Tuesday  06:30,   24 april 2018

An informal legal adviser to President Donald Trump said the President got "a thrill" when he granted Scooter Libby a pardon, and she denied that any pardons are intended to send a political message to his personal attorney Michael Cohen.[...]

Mueller Says FBI Properly Searched Manafort Storage Unit

Tuesday  04:41,   24 april 2018

Special Counsel Robert Mueller said FBI agents properly gained permission to search a storage unit that contained business and tax records of Paul Manafort, the indicted former campaign chairman of President Donald Trump. In a court filing Monday,[...]

For Melania Trump, the shroud of invisibility lifts during a week of public attention

Tuesday  04:25,   24 april 2018
Los Angeles Times

She is either complicit in her husband's worst instincts or a victim of them, either struggling in an anachronistic job or confidently doing precisely what she wants to do with it. Fifteen months after she became first lady, Melania Trump[...]

The White House can’t hide Trump’s worry about Michael Cohen

Tuesday  04:06,   24 april 2018

The White House appears to be leaving open the door to a presidential pardon — which would only be necessary if there were a crime to pardon. “I don't think that we are going to talk about hypotheticals that don't exist right now,” Sanders told[...]