Politics Comey and McCabe, once strong defenders of each other, stake out opposite positions in burgeoning feud

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Inspector General report on fired McCabe claims he "lacked candor"

  Inspector General report on fired McCabe claims he The report comes after Andrew McCabe's firing last monthThe long-anticipated Department of Justice Inspector General report critical of fired FBI Director Andrew McCabe is expected to be released Friday afternoon. It claims that McCabe "lacked candor" on multiple occasions in conversations with federal investigators, according to a copy of the report obtained by CBS News.

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Once she filed the lawsuit, McCabe began investigating Gritz personally looking for any dirt on her he could find. In 2014 Michael Flynn backed up the sex discrimination charge brought by Gritz against McCabe and other top people at the FBI.

On Wednesday, April 18, James Comey is a guest on ABC's The View. © Photo by Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC via Getty Images On Wednesday, April 18, James Comey is a guest on ABC's The View.

Former FBI Director James B. Comey and his top deputy, Andrew McCabe, once seemed to enjoy the kind of bond that can be forged only by going to battle together.

When President Trump unceremoniously fired Comey from the bureau, McCabe declared at a congressional hearing days later that it had been “the greatest privilege and honor in my professional life to work” under Comey’s leadership, and challenged the White House’s assertion that Comey had lost the faith of the bureau’s rank and file.

Trump: McCabe 'totally controlled' by Comey

  Trump: McCabe 'totally controlled' by Comey President Trump blasted former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Friday as a liar who was "totally controlled by [former FBI Director James] Comey," following the release of a watchdog report that got McCabe fired.The Justice Department's inspector general concluded in a newly released report that McCabe had acted to further his own interests by leaking information about the FBI's investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The report also found that McCabe lied to Comey about who leaked information to the press."DOJ just issued the McCabe report - which is a total disaster.

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Former FBI director James Comey has defended ousted deputy director Andrew McCabe after he abruptly stepped down from his position . ' Once I knew, I knew': Amy Schumer on wasting time with 'those other suckers' before meeting husband Chris Fischer It feels right.

When McCabe was demoted from his own position in the FBI, Comey rushed to his defense on Twitter, asserting that McCabe “stood tall over the last 8 months, when small people were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on.”

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Now, though, the once venerated G-men seem to be at odds, and some worry their public dispute threatens to tarnish the institution they once served. 

On Friday, Michael Bromwich, McCabe’s lawyer, said that McCabe, who once “looked up to Jim Comey,” was “very upset and disappointed” at seeing his former boss talk about him on TV. The comments come a day after Comey, who is in the midst of a publicity tour to promote his book, said on CNN he “could well be a witness” against McCabe if McCabe were ever charged and tried for misleading investigators about his role in a media disclosure.

Watchdog report: Ex-FBI deputy director misled investigators

  Watchdog report: Ex-FBI deputy director misled investigators The Justice Department watchdog says fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe misled investigators about his role in a news media disclosure about Hillary Clinton just days before the 2016 presidential election. President Donald Trump, already furious over a forthcoming book from fired FBI Director James Comey, lashed out after the report's release by saying McCabe had "LIED! LIED! LIED!"

women smashing into each other with their cars after a fight broke out in a parking lot in South Los Angeles on Sunday. Kim Kardashian congratulates ' strong ' Khloe on daughter's birth Trump blasts FBI's 'thieves and lowlifes' as damning internal report says Comey 's fired deputy Andrew McCabe

How Trump insulted ousted FBI boss Andrew McCabe after furiously calling him to find out why Comey was given official plane ride home after he was fired. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez arrive to their weekly Hillsong Church service in Beverly Hills Normally, exes tend to avoid each other .

James Comey wearing a suit and tie © Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post

The tension has become apparent since the Justice Department Inspector General’s Office alleged in a report made public last week that McCabe lied repeatedly to investigators, and to Comey, as they sought to determine who was responsible for a media disclosure.

The inspector general’s office referred its findings to the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office for consideration of possible criminal charges. Its investigators also are examining the handling of memos Comey wrote following his interactions with President Trump, a frequent critic of both men. The FBI has determined some of that information was classified, said a person familiar with the matter.

Trump has said on Twitter that Comey “just threw Andrew McCabe ‘under the bus.’ Inspector General’s Report on McCabe is a disaster for both of them! Getting a little (lot) of their own medicine?”

Trump: Comey, McCabe 'committed many crimes'

  Trump: Comey, McCabe 'committed many crimes' President Trump on Monday accused former FBI Director James Comey and former deputy director Andrew McCabe of committing "many crimes.""Comey drafted the Crooked Hillary exoneration long before he talked to her (lied in Congress to Senator G), then based his decisions on her poll numbers," the president wrote on Twitter.

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At issue is what McCabe told Comey — and when — about his role in authorizing the disclosure of information to Wall Street Journal reporter Devlin Barrett, who is now at The Washington Post.

Barrett wrote an Oct. 30, 2016, story about two of the FBI’s most high-profile investigations: the probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email server and a case involving The Clinton Foundation. The story, which McCabe authorized two FBI officials to participate in anonymously, revealed the existence of the Clinton Foundation probe, in part by detailing a call between McCabe and a Justice Department official over whether and in what form the investigation should be allowed to continue.

Comey told investigators McCabe led him to believe he had no role in authorizing that disclosure, when in fact he did. The former FBI director repeated that claim on NPR, saying he was “quite confident,” in particular, that McCabe did not tell him after the Journal’s story had published of his role in it. Comey has said he authorized an investigation of leaks that ultimately led to McCabe.

Trump: Comey 'threw McCabe under the bus' in CNN interview

  Trump: Comey 'threw McCabe under the bus' in CNN interview President Trump on Thursday taunted former FBI Director James Comey and ex-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, saying Comey threw his recently fired former colleague "under the bus" during a recent interview. "James Comey just threw Andrew McCabe 'under the bus.' Inspector General's Report on McCabe is a disaster for both of them! Getting a little (lot) of their own medicine?" Trump tweeted. "James Comey just threw Andrew McCabe 'under the bus.' Inspector General's Report on McCabe is a disaster for both of them! Getting a little (lot) of their own medicine?" Trump tweeted.

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It turns out GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore's most vocal defender at a church event in Alabama When people lie, "the rule of law breaks down," Comey said. "And there once was a day when But in a way, as a citizen, I think we owe it to each other to get off the couch and think about what unites us."

At the press availability Friday, Bromwich disputed Comey’s account. He said while he was “not for a moment suggesting that Jim Comey is making things up or lying about Andy,” he believed “Andy McCabe has a strong and clear recollection. Jim Comey does not.” McCabe, too, had the authority to authorize a media disclosure, though the inspector general said he was wrong to do so with the Wall Street Journal because he was trying to benefit his own reputation.

Bromwich said McCabe “believes it is more than likely” he told Comey “in advance” of the Wall Street Journal’s story that he had authorized FBI officials to describe the phone call. He said McCabe was “quite positive” he also told Comey after the story was published that he “had authorized the sharing of that information.”

“His memory is quite clear that he did inform Jim,” Bromwich said. “Jim’s memory is to the contrary, although as I said, the evidence that we’ve reviewed suggests that his memory was in fact uncertain.”

Lawyers for Comey did not return a message seeking comment. The inspector general came to believe Comey’s account, and McCabe is accused of other lies — though he also disputes those allegations. Bromwich said there exist two emails between McCabe and Comey that support McCabe’s version, though he acknowledged the emails were sent on Oct. 21 and 23, and were in reference to a different Wall Street Journal story about political donations McCabe’s wife had received from Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton ally.

McCabe 'upset and disappointed' over Comey comments

  McCabe 'upset and disappointed' over Comey comments Fired FBI official Andrew McCabe is “upset and disappointed” over comments made about him by his former boss James Comey, a lawyer for the embattled deputy said.Fired FBI official Andrew McCabe is “upset and disappointed” over comments made about him by his former boss James Comey, a lawyer for the embattled deputy said Friday — a day after it emerged McCabe was the subject of a criminal referral sent to the top federal prosecutor for Washington, D.C.

Viktor Orban, the country’s prime minister, has positioned himself as the defender of Europe’s Hillsong Church service in Beverly Hills Normally, exes tend to avoid each other . Trump blasts FBI's 'thieves and lowlifes' as damning internal report says Comey 's fired deputy Andrew McCabe

It seems to me there are two choices he has once he finds out about the emails, but both hinge on Comey confused a tactical buttressing of his reputation for his position in history, which I cannot The thinner vertical lines to the right are the other two debates, each one of which went badly for Trump

Bromwich’s briefing for reporters ostensibly was to address questions on the inspector general’s findings and referral.

Bromwich said lawyers for McCabe had recently met with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and prosecutors were “in total listening mode.” He said the referral was “disappointing, but frankly not shocking,” and noted inspector general investigators only had to find “reasonable grounds to believe that a crime has been committed” to refer the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office

The inspector general, he asserted, had gotten its report “horribly wrong,” and unfairly accelerated its process to make sure McCabe could be fired from the FBI.

Though Bromwich sought to downplay the feud between his client and Comey, the former director’s book tour made doing so difficult. In various public appearances, Comey has done little to defend his former deputy, and he opined in his book extensively on how those who lie to federal investigators should face consequences.

The inspector general’s report, Comey’s book tour and the feud between the two men has left some former FBI officials fuming at the damage being done to the bureau’s reputation, and others wondering how a relationship that was once so strong could have fractured like this.

“I think the whole notion of writing a book and putting it on the shelves less than a year after he was fired, it is beneath the dignity of the position,” said former FBI Assistant Director Ron Hosko, adding, “This kind of collision of events is deeply, deeply distressing to those of us who spent decades there trying to do the right thing.”

Comey has not attacked McCabe’s character in public, though, relying largely on the inspector general’s conclusion, he has been critical of McCabe’s conduct.

To NPR, Comey bluntly disputed McCabe’s characterization of one of their interactions, but declined to say if his firing was appropriate. Later on “The View,” he offered, “I still believe Andrew McCabe is a good person, but the inspector general found that he lied, and there’s severe consequences in the Justice Department for lying — as there should be throughout the government.”

Finally, on CNN, Comey said Thursday that he was “conflicted” about McCabe’s situation.

“I like him very much as a person, but sometimes even good people do things they shouldn’t do,” he said.

McCabe’s team had, even before the inspector general’s report was released, told investigators they were unfairly painting Comey as a “white knight carefully guarding FBI information, while overlooking that Mr. McCabe’s account is more credible.”

They said previously that emails between the two men “clearly show that Mr. McCabe specifically advised Director Comey that he was working with colleagues at the FBI to correct inaccuracies” in the story for which McCabe authorized information to be disclosed and “they remained in contact through the weekend while the work was taking place.” They said Comey had an “imperfect and inaccurate recollection” of events.

Justice Department IG probing Comey memos over classified material .
The Justice Department’s internal watchdog is probing James Comey's handling of classified information as part of the memos he gave to a friend documenting discussions with President Trump.  A source familiar with the probe confirmed to Fox News the inspector general is looking at whether classified information was given to unauthorized sources as part of a broader review of Comey's communications outside the bureau -- including media contact. The developments put the ex-FBI boss in the crosshairs of an investigation just as his former deputy, Andrew McCabe, faces a criminal referral over a separate leak.

Source: http://us.pressfrom.com/news/politics/-138276-comey-and-mccabe-once-strong-defenders-of-each-other-stake-out-opposite-positions-in-burgeoning-feud/

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