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For Barbara Bush, loyalty -- and love -- went both ways

Thursday  06:20,   19 april 2018

The first time my husband, Peter McMahon, met Barbara Bush, he was hooked. We were invited to have lunch with President George H. W. Bush and the former First Lady in Houston in 2010. It was a special treat, especially for Peter who had become an[...]

Nikki Haley, Great Pushback. Now Resign on Principle.

Wednesday  18:59,   18 april 2018

The White House—and Larry Kudlow, of all people—not only threw her under the bus on Russia sanctions, it ran the bus back and forth over her body. Nikki, do the right thing.Nikki Haley slapped back hard at White House minions after they first[...]

Barbara Bush, a First Lady Without Apologies

Wednesday  18:05,   18 april 2018

Mrs. Bush, who died on Tuesday, presented herself as both reasonable and reasonably conservative.She knew who she was, and she saw no need to apologize for it. In the spring of 1990, the administration of Wellesley College — the alma mater, as it[...]

Will Michael Cohen get an offer he can't refuse?

Wednesday  18:01,   18 april 2018

Michael Cohen reportedly likes to compare himself to Tom Hagen, the genteel mob lawyer portrayed by Robert Duvall in The Godfather. In reality, though, Cohen has none of Hagan's reserved competence. While you might have looked at President[...]

Sean Hannity needs a class in journalistic ethics

Wednesday  17:56,   18 april 2018

Hannity could also use a Law School 101 lesson to teach him that communications with an attorney on matters unrelated to legal matters are not shielded by privilege, writes Paul CallanNow that Sean Hannity understands that he actually had a "real"[...]

Why Free Trade, Not Tariffs, Actually Increases American Jobs

Wednesday  17:55,   18 april 2018

Sheltering inefficient work—like Sam’s bread business—prevents workers like Sam from finding and developing a skill set that the economy needs. Nor does the equation change when countries subsidize their producers to sell products abroad below cost. [...]

Trump's message to Syria is a muddled one

Wednesday  17:55,   18 april 2018

President Trump was right to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad with airstrikes on Friday. Some have said that the bombing campaign didn't go far enough, and I'm sympathetic to that argument. Empty buildings in the middle of the night are[...]

James Comey, the Would-Be J. Edgar Hoover

Wednesday  17:27,   18 april 2018

The former FBI Director's memoir obsesses about lies, sincerity and conscience – and offers few tangible answersThe most damning passage in former FBI Director James Comey’s new book, A Higher Loyalty, regards his decision to make public the[...]

Trump tax reform — why don’t more Americans understand the benefits?

Wednesday  02:01,   18 april 2018

The more complex a state’s tax system is, the more it takes to run the system and the less it brings in. If there is a better case for limited government and the inherent waste of bureaucracy, I have yet to see it.Dr. Robert McClure is president[...]

The Trump Tax Cuts Are Still Unpopular. That’s a Crisis for Conservatives.

Wednesday  01:46,   18 april 2018

If the GOP can’t get Americans to enjoy the candy of its fiscal agenda, how will they ever get them to eat the vegetables?Between 1980 and 2016, the American public never met a tax cut it didn’t like. In the decades between Ronald Reagan’s election[...]

Earth, Wind and Liars

Wednesday  01:41,   18 april 2018

On energy, Trump and company are trying to stop technological progress.Peter Thiel, Facebook investor and Donald Trump supporter, is by all accounts a terrible person. He did, however, come up with one classic line about the disappointments of[...]

'A Higher Loyalty' should make Democrats angry — at Clinton, not Comey

Tuesday  18:01,   17 april 2018

There never would have been a Clinton email server investigation if there hadn’t been a Clinton email server. When Clinton became secretary of State, she set up a private email server in her home and used it for official business. When IT staffers[...]

With everyone focused on Comey, Trump reformed welfare

Tuesday  17:50,   17 april 2018

The sideshow that has attached itself to so much of the Trump administration has distracted many from things that actually affect people’s lives. President Trump last week signed an executive order, the purpose of which is, according to a White[...]

Unfit to Command

Tuesday  17:47,   17 april 2018

The weekend news from Washington featured two story lines: the U.S.-led coalition missile strikes against Syrian government forces, and President Trump’s most extreme Twitter meltdown to date. The question for all the world to worry over: How[...]

There’s only one way to restrain this aberrant administration

Tuesday  17:47,   17 april 2018

Don’t expect Congress to stand up to Trump. Massive demonstrations might work — but they might not. So let’s do this instead.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily[...]