Opinion Liz Peek: ABC interview's big bombshell -- James Comey reveals he is neither sinner nor saint... he's a fraud

20:40  16 april  2018
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James Comey compares Trump to mob boss in ABC interview

  James Comey compares Trump to mob boss in ABC interview Former FBI director James Comey compared President Trump to a mob boss in a new ABC News interview that is set to air this weekend. Comey, fired by Trump last May, has largely remained quiet about the President and his administration over the past 11 months, but it appears that’s about to change. The interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, airing Sunday at 10 p.m. as part of a “20/20” special, is “going to shock the president and his team,” a source told Axios.

We get a lot of opinions, unpleasant opinions of the president by James Comey . But in terms of hard facts, people are talking about bombshells , there are none.” “ Comey goes out of his way to say that the president isn’t as tall as he thought he was .

He leaked CLASSIFIED information, for which he should be prosecuted. He lied to Congress under OATH. He is a weak and….. Preview of exclusive ABC interview with James Comey . Airing Sunday night.

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Who is James Comey? Is he the world’s tallest Boy Scout, as he tries to convince us through five hours of insufferable earnestness with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos?

Or is he a self-promoter who has lied on several occasions, leaked information to the press, and who conducted a sham investigation of Hillary Clinton, whom he expected to be the next president?

Comey: Trump 'treats women like they're pieces of meat'

  Comey: Trump 'treats women like they're pieces of meat' Former FBI Director James Comey said in an interview with ABC Sunday night that President Trump treated women like "meat" and is morally unfit to be president. Comey blasted the president during his first television interview since he was fired last May, describing him as a serial liar and a "stain" on everyone who worked for him. "I think he's morally unfit to be president," Comey told ABC's George Stephanopoulous."A personComey blasted the president during his first television interview since he was fired last May, describing him as a serial liar and a "stain" on everyone who worked for him.

Members of the media have been hyping up his ABC interview as the beginning of the end for the Trump administration. But buried in Comey ’ s book is one startling truth about impeachment. James Comey Spoke The Two Words He Believes Will Impeach Donald Trump.

“We get a lot of opinions—very unpleasant opinions of the president by James Comey ,” he continued, referring to the former F. B .I. director’ s new tell-all, A Higher Loyalty Nor was Miller alone: for once, warring political media tribes were briefly united in a shared annoyance with Comey ’ s grandstanding.

James Comey is a fraud. Far from being the last honorable man standing, as he surely pretends to be, the former FBI Director has shown his true colors by writing a book that does not serve the best interests of the country or his colleagues at the Department of Justice, but that only serves the best interests of James Comey.

Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” and his interview with Stephanopoulos, is a vicious hit job on President Donald Trump, who fired him. In the sit-down, he presents his every interaction with the president in the most unflattering light possible, leading carefully, dispassionately, inexorably to his conclusion that Trump is morally unfit to be president.

But at the same time he says “I don’t remember being angry” when he hears he’s been canned – in an ignominious manner, at that. Is that credible? No.

The Latest: Comey: It's possible Russians compromised Trump

  The Latest: Comey: It's possible Russians compromised Trump Former FBI Director James Comey says he thinks it's possible that President Donald Trump might be compromised by the Russians. In an interview with ABC News that aired Sunday night, the fired FBI chief says he could not discount the possibility that Russia might have something on the president. Comey made the remarks to ABC News as he promoted his new book.10:30 p.m.

Musk said he believes that big tech should be subject to more government oversight. Fired FBI director James Comey compares Trump to a MOB BOSS in bombshell George Stephanopoulos interview . ' He has a girlfriend': Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel reveals Meghan Markle' s

Good Morning America previewed George Stephanopoulos' interview with James Comey on Friday, and the two talked about the Paul Ryan Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection: ‘We All Know That I Did Not Seek This Job…’ ABC ’ s Stephanopoulos: Comey Compares Trump to a ‘Mob Boss’.

When he attends a reception for law enforcement officials in the White House, and walks across the room to greet the president, he says he’s nervous about embracing Trump, but can’t help the optics when his boss leans in and whispers in his ear. What was that dreaded message from his president? Trump says, “I look forward to working with you.” Wow – how crazy. How threatening. How normal.

Comey tells Stephanopoulos he is mystified that Trump and his team discuss how they are going to handle the public relations aspect of the infamous Steele dossier.


Did he not imagine that a White House would worry about the public’s reactions to rumors of sordid goings-on with prostitutes?

He carefully ponders Stephanopoulos’ query as to whether the Russians “have something” on Donald Trump, concluding that it’s “possible.” And yet, earlier he says that if someone is conducting an investigation for a year and doesn’t have a good sense of where it will end up, that person should be fired. Shouldn’t Comey know by now whether those salacious accusations are true or not? It appears that he knows these tales are bunk, but he delights in letting the public savor the possibility.

Comey: I’m not making fun of the president

  Comey: I’m not making fun of the president Former FBI Director James Comey says in a new interview that he was not attempting to "make fun" of President Trump with comments about the president in his book, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, And Leadership. "In an interview with NPR, the former FBI chief explains that his remarks about the size of Trump's hands were meant to paint a picture for the reader, not as a slight at Trump."I'm not making fun of the president. I'm trying to be an author, which I've never been before in my life," Comey says. "While I'm typing, I can hear my editor's voice ringing in my head, 'bring the reader with you.

JAMES COMEY : The big lesson from that-- and I've had a strange and wonderful career. And I don't know how I've ended up in all these spots. And he had given these notebooks to this person who had neither a need to know, nor the appropriate clearance.

Trump' s deputy press secretary says he does not believe the denial James Comey , the FBI Director, has made Sanders had the same problem in a Sunday morning interview on ABC News. Father-of-two reveals how he swapped his dad-bod for a rippling torso in just 12 WEEKS - because he was

The former FBI director colorfully likens Trump’s effort to instill loyalty and teamwork in those working for him to the behavior of a mob boss. Isn’t an insistence on loyalty and teamwork what you would expect of someone newly forming an administration?

Everything discussed in the ABC interview is darkened by the prism of Comey’s anger and hatred of the president. (He reveals that his wife and four daughters took to the streets to march in protest against the president; so much for neutrality on the home front.)

Stephanopoulos of course leads the conversation, with the two singing the anti-Trump duet in perfect harmony. Never does the ABC host question why Comey the famous note-taker failed to take notes in his interview with Hillary Clinton, or to record that conversation. He also neglects to ask why the FBI chief granted immunity to five of Clinton’s top aides, demanding nothing in return. And so much more.

The interview on ABC is the first of many that will attempt to sell Comey’s book. The fact that five hours with Stephanopoulos could be whittled down to an unexciting 45 minutes suggests that Comey’s moment in the sun will be brief.

James Comey says he doesn't expect Trump will fire Mueller

  James Comey says he doesn't expect Trump will fire Mueller Former FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday that he does not believe President Donald Trump will fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. "I don't think that's going to happen," Comey said when he was asked on ABC's "The View" about the possibility."The President would have to fire everyone in the Department of Justice and the FBI to stop an investigation," Comey said. "So it doesn't make any sense to fire Director Mueller and bring the kind of storm that would bring. So I actually don't expect that to happen ... I don't expect it.

James Comey is a proven LEAKER & LIAR. Virtually everyone in Washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did-until he was , in fact, fired. Comey will appear on ABC ’ s 20/20 Sunday night in an interview with George Stephanopoulos.

He was nervous when he was about to meet Trump. It wasn't until January 2017, during the presidential transition, that Comey met Trump in person. Transcript: James Comey ' s interview with ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Brief, but insightful. Writing a book turns out to be quite a revealing undertaking.

Hillary Clinton put pen to paper and showed herself to be a whiny, bitter woman who blamed everyone and everything for her loss to Donald Trump instead of what actually cost her the presidency – her own shortcomings. Her book tour lost steam as even her fans tired of the relentless slog of complaints; it was the beginning of the end of the Clinton era.

Mr. Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty” similarly lays waste to his own painstakingly etched image. Who writes a “bitchy” book, as some have rightly called it, and details in interviews observations about the size of a president’s hands and the tanning circles around his eyes? Not someone who wants to be taken seriously. Not someone who expects his recollections of meetings and events to sway history.

The gutter-crawl is unexpected; James Comey’s past claims to nobility were convincing. I admit I was impressed by his confrontation with President George W. Bush over re-authorizing warrantless eavesdropping that had been allowed under the Patriot Act.  Considering the sketchy surveillance of Trump’s campaign that appears to have occurred under Comey’s watch, that event will go down as epically ironic.

Similarly, I admired Comey’s willingness to buck President Obama’s push to dumb down law enforcement and his honesty in linking a rise in violent crime to stepped-up scrutiny of police.

That was then. Comey is now seeking rehabilitation on the back of the president who fired him. Liberals have not forgiven him for undermining Hillary Clinton’s campaign; he is doing his level best to win back their admiration by taking pot shots at the president. Unhappily for him, that field is plenty crowded already.

Comey says it is a dangerous time for our country. He’s right. It is dangerous to have former law enforcement officials undermining the president of the United States through spreading malicious gossip and rumors. It is dangerous to have the FBI undertaking and managing investigations based on political calculations and preferences.

Comey oversaw that FBI, which increasingly appears compromised and untrustworthy at the highest ranks. So much for being the only honorable man left standing.

James Comey on his nickname for Trump: 'I call him the President of the United States' .
Former FBI director James Comey said on Wednesday that he does not have a nickname for President Donald Trump, calling him only "the President of the United States" out of respect for the office. Comey was asked during a town hall on Wednesday hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper what his nickname for the President is given that Trump has quite a few nicknames for him. "I don't have a nickname for him," Comey said. "Honestly, I call him the President of the United States because I respect the office." Trump has previously called Comey, "Slippery James Comey,"an "untruthful slime ball" and a "LEAKER & LIAR.

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