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Does the California model really work?

Friday  20:16,   19 january 2018

The alleged success of the California model is one of the more intense controversies in the nerdier corners of public policy debate. For many progressives, California's metastasizing liberalism proves you can have Scandinavian-style social[...]

What The Shutdown Really Tells Us About Modern Democrats

Friday  19:47,   19 january 2018
The Federalist

For Democrats, anything the Republicans do is 'undemocratic.'Democrats, it seems, are about to precipitate a government shutdown. They can do this, because, despite their own best efforts, in the United States, the minority party has the[...]

Democrats need to do their job and make a deal

Friday  19:10,   19 january 2018

Nothing can be accomplished if they keep threatening shutdowns and calling Trump racist.It's been more than a week since word leaked of President's Trump's "shithole countries" comment, but instead of moving past it and returning to the negotiating[...]

Trump's First Year Is in a Category of Its Own

Friday  19:10,   19 january 2018
U.S. News & World Report

President Trump can be assessed on personnel, process, priorities, politics and popularity.How to assess Donald Trump's First Year? [...]

Why Anthony Scaramucci Deserves A Triumphant Return To The White House

Friday  01:36,   19 january 2018
The Federalist

When Anthony Scaramucci’s concerns about Steve Bannon turned out to be legitimate, it’s clear that the Mooch still has juice in the Trump White House. Trump Forces His Comms Team to React to Cable NewsEarlier this month, rumors said Scaramucci might [...]

Donald Trump's first year: The report card

Thursday  20:00,   18 january 2018

Julian Zelizer says Trump has succeeded in broadening the power of the presidency and in passing the tax bill, but he has greatly damaged America's standing in the world and flunked the test of providing moral leadershipIt has been a crazy year[...]

DACA is neither bipartisan nor in America's interest

Thursday  20:00,   18 january 2018
The Hill

Until advocates of illegal immigration start operating in good faith, Congress should roll their legislation right into a trash can.This week, a group of six pro-amnesty senators introduced a "bipartisan deal" to give amnesty to millions of[...]

Opinions | Ready for an anti-Trump wave in November? Look at Wisconsin.

Thursday  19:08,   18 january 2018

A surprising Democratic victory in a state Senate race could have a national ripple effect.If you are appalled by the chaos, division and meanness of the Trump presidency, if you are tired of the lies he and his apparatchiks tell, take heart. Most[...]

While Trump's critics keep talking, our president is fulfilling his promises

Thursday  19:07,   18 january 2018

By every measure of personal and national prosperity, the nation is better off than it was a year ago, and it's thanks to the integrity of our leader.President Trump promised in his first inaugural address that his administration would be guided [...]

Did Trump change his mind on domestic spying?

Thursday  19:07,   18 january 2018
FOX News

Late last week, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, repeated his public observations that members of the intelligence community -- particularly the CIA, the NSA and the intelligence division[...]

What We Can Learn From ‘S-Hole Countries’

Thursday  06:35,   18 january 2018
The New York Times

African nations are ahead of the U.S. in some respects.Despite President Trump’s reported call to reject immigrants from “shithole countries,” people from these countries actually have plenty to teach[...]

Journalism holds power accountable

Wednesday  23:50,   17 january 2018

Years ago, people used to ask me what journalists should do to combat the nation's drift toward "factish" and "truthy" logic. What was needed, I'd reply with misplaced confidence, is robust fact-checking. If news media[...]

How Sex Trumped Race

Wednesday  18:21,   17 january 2018
The New York Times

The presidency may be racist, but it’s gender that’s the essential Trump-era divide.Load[...]

Opinions | What Trump did was bad. What Democrats did is worse.

Wednesday  17:36,   17 january 2018

Outing the president to score cheap political points hurts the ‘dreamers.’Washington is aghast over the news that, during a closed-door meeting with congressional leaders, President Trump asked if we could exclude immigrants from "shithole"[...]

Opinions | Mr. President, stop attacking the press

Wednesday  06:44,   17 january 2018

Trump’s ‘fake news’ jabs give dictators implicit permission to target reporters for arrest and worse.After leaving office, President Ronald Reagan created the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award to recognize individuals who have fought to spread liberty[...]