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Maryland will preserve memory of Jordan McNair with helmet decal, moments of silence, a scholarship and more

Monday  19:30,   20 august 2018

Moments of silence, a helmet decal, and a scholarship in his name are just a few ways Maryland will preserve the legacy of Jordan McNair this season and beyond.While a cloud of uncertainty hovers above the football program at Maryland amid ongoing[...]
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Enormous, dead whale washes ashore on Massachusetts beach

Monday  19:26,   20 august 2018

A large fin whale beached itself in Duxbury, Massachusetts on Monday morning, with the local police department urging citizens to stay away. Duxbury Police Department tweeted out the image of the whale. "A whale has washed ashore on Duxbury Beach[...]

Texas priest accused of molesting teens goes missing

Monday  19:26,   20 august 2018

A Dallas priest accused of molesting three teenage boys is believed to have fled the country. The Catholic Diocese of Dallas revealed on Sunday  they were investigating sexual abuse allegations made against 69-year-old Rev.[...]

Republican candidates in 2018 should be talking about one thing, and one thing alone

Monday  19:26,   20 august 2018

No, the biggest news story in 2018 is not Omarosa or Stormy Daniels.The biggest news story in 2018 is not Omarosa or Stormy Daniels – it is the booming economy, according to Director of the White House Economic Council Larry Kudlow, who made that[...]

How to make the majority rule in America

Monday  19:26,   20 august 2018

Even in bright-red Kansas, notorious xenophobe Kris Kobach might normally find running for governor to be a challenge. The state is known for its rock-ribbed Republicanism, but it has elected its share of Democratic governors — Kathleen Sebelius,[...]

Why banks are giving tellers raises instead of firing them all

Monday  19:26,   20 august 2018

Bank branches still have greeters, coffee and sometimes fresh-baked cookies. At HSBC, there’s also Pepper, the finance robot. About 4 feet tall, Pepper is shiny white with a lemon-shaped head, large eyes that light up blue, and a tablet attached to[...]

Born out of the financial crisis, bull market nears record

Monday  19:25,   20 august 2018

The bull market in U.S. stocks is about to become the longest in history. If stocks don't drop significantly by the close of trading Wednesday, the bull market that began in March 2009 will have lasted nine years, five months and 13 days, a [...]

Judge grants time to weigh insanity plea in newspaper attack

Monday  19:21,   20 august 2018

The man charged with killing five people at a Maryland newspaper office will get more time for his lawyer to consider filing a plea of not criminally responsible by reason of insanity. ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The man charged with killing five[...]

Americans Want Their President to Have a Little Class

Monday  19:21,   20 august 2018

The dignity of the occupant of the presidential office should reflect the dignity of the American people. [...]

Opinions | America is slouching toward autocracy

Monday  19:15,   20 august 2018

A slow-motion dismantling of rules can be insidious because we don’t even notice what’s happening to us. Read more from E.J. Dionne’s archive, follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his updates on Facebook.Read more:William H. McRaven: Revoke my[...]

West Virginia is great again, and Trump is to thank

Monday  19:11,   20 august 2018

This week, President Trump will be visiting West Virginia for the sixth time since taking office. It's no surprise, given that the state serves as a shining example of the president’s commitment to make America great again. He should revel in[...]

No. 1 Alabama tops preseason Top 25; Clemson, Georgia next

Monday  19:11,   20 august 2018

<p>No. 1 Alabama tops preseason Top 25 for third consecutive year, followed by Clemson, Georgia, Wisconsin and Ohio[...]

In US court, a deputy's misconduct made him a pariah. But his secrets were safe with California

Monday  19:07,   20 august 2018

LOS ANGELES - For years, James Peterson's secrets were safe in the courtrooms of Los Angeles. The L.A. County sheriff's deputy, who trawled a stretch of the 5 Freeway for drug traffickers, often testified in the state court system about his[...]

"I hope" John Brennan sues, Trump tweets

Monday  19:07,   20 august 2018

The president said a lawsuit would make it "very easy" to access Brennan's recordsBrennan said on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday that he's willing to take the president to court, if it would prevent current and former intelligence[...]

Nixon, Clinton and Trump

Monday  19:06,   20 august 2018

The more Trump is cornered, the more he mirrors Richard Nixon.Twenty years ago last Friday, President Bill Clinton testified before the independent counsel, Kenneth Starr, and a grand jury about his sexual relationship with the White House intern[...]