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News : Offbeat

On Texas border, despite what Trump says, some see no crisis

Saturday  22:35,   23 june 2018

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — The mayor of this Texas border city has been dealing with a crisis. This past week, he declared a state of emergency. Drones filled the skies and emergency vehicles raced down the streets. But none of it had anything to do with[...]

Mueller asks judge for September sentencing for Papadopoulos

Saturday  22:35,   23 june 2018

Special counsel Robert Mueller has asked a judge for a September sentencing for former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.Mueller's prosecutors and defense attorneys in a Friday court filing asked U.S. District Court Judge Randy Moss to[...]

Why a small-town restaurant owner asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave — and would do it again

Saturday  22:25,   23 june 2018

"I explained that the restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty, and compassion, and cooperation,” the Red Hen owner said after asking Trump's press secretary to leave.Load[...]

Climate Change Brought a Lobster Boom. Now It Could Cause a Bust.

Saturday  22:05,   23 june 2018

Warming waters in the Gulf of Maine have benefited lobsters and the lobstermen who trap them. But as temperatures rise further, will the industry reach a tipping point?VINALHAVEN, Me. — At 3:30 in the morning on a Friday in late May, the lobstermen[...]

How to outlast a job you hate until you can retire

Saturday  22:05,   23 june 2018

Don’t do anything[...]

The overlooked children working America's tobacco fields

Saturday  22:05,   23 june 2018

<p>Kids as young as 10 and 11 are picking cash crops for giant international companies—and hardly anyone is watching to make sure the work is safe.</p>KINSTON, North Carolina—They would wake up at five or six in the morning. They didn’t know[...]

House Dems: Conditions for kids at border center are 'cruel and inhumane'

Saturday  21:55,   23 june 2018

<p>More than two dozen Democratic members of Congress visited a holding facility in Texas for separated immigrant children.</p>The delegation visited a Customs and Border Protection processing facility in the U.S-Mexico border city[...]

A Girl Scout wrote to companies with a heartfelt request. As a result, they cut down on millions of plastic straws.

Saturday  21:41,   23 june 2018

A teenager's impassioned letters helped persuade U.S. companies to switch to greener products.With all due respect, she wrote, the company’s “Human Kindness” commercial had a glaring flaw: It depicted the casual use of a disposable plastic straw [...]

Gay rights pioneer Dick Leitsch dies at 83

Saturday  21:30,   23 june 2018

"We wanted people to see who we are, what we are," Dick Leitsch told NBC News in 2017. "We wanted people to see who we are, what we are."The Mattachine Society threatened to sue over the refusal of service at Julius', which caused[...]

Putin's Popularity Is Quietly Dipping: State Polls

Saturday  20:55,   23 june 2018

A drop in Putin's popularity comes at a time when Russian dissatisfaction in state polls is gradually building.Putin has enjoyed record high approval since 2014, when his government’s annexation of Crimea, supported by an information campaign to [...]

Report: Sixers 'doing everything' to clear cap space for LeBron James

Saturday  20:25,   23 june 2018

The Philadelphia 76ers are doing everything possible to free up the cap space to offer LeBron James a max deal in NBA free agency.While free agency is just around the corner, it seems that the Sixers are putting together a plan to make sure they're[...]

Mexico holds off South Korea, eyes knockout round

Saturday  20:25,   23 june 2018

<p>Carlos Vela and Javier Hernandez scored a goal each to move Mexico closer to a spot in the round of 16 by beating South Korea 2-1 Saturday at the World Cup.</p>Load[...]

Trump says 'we do a much better job' of detaining people who cross border illegally

Saturday  20:00,   23 june 2018

In a tweet, President Donald Trump defended the detention conditions for migrant families.<br>"We do a much better job while at the same time maintaining a MUCH stronger Border! Mainstream Fake Media hates this story," Trump tweeted Saturday[...]

U.S. Open Will Revamp Its Seeding to Account for Pregnancy Leaves

Saturday  18:50,   23 june 2018

Serena Williams gave birth in September and was unseeded when she went to the French Open last month, prompting the U.S. Open to reconsider its policy.The United States Open is changing its approach to seeding players coming back from pregnancy[...]

Michael Porter Jr.'s status is unclear but Nuggets confident about his recovery

Saturday  18:45,   23 june 2018

Many teams skipped over the forward due to his long-term medical outlook, but the Nuggets are confident they can get him healthy again.“I have little doubt that we’ll get him right,” Nuggets president of basketball operations Tim Connelly said[...]