Offbeat Philly prosecutors ‘in all likelihood’ sent innocent man to prison for murder, DA says

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Michael Skakel 'elated' after murder conviction overturned: Lawyer

  Michael Skakel 'elated' after murder conviction overturned: Lawyer Attorney Michael Fitzpatrick said defense lawyers did a "masterful job" helping the Connecticut Supreme Court understand mistakes made in the first trial.

Dontia Patterson is “most likely ” innocent , the DA 's office said . But prosecutors withheld evidence in his trial and he was sentence to life. Patterson, “ in all likelihood ,” is an innocent man , top prosecutors wrote in an extraordinary motion filed Tuesday.

During jury selection, the prosecutors asked if I could convict someone based on the testimony of a single eyewitness, and I said , in theory, I could. It is impossible to know if requiring that all 12 jurors agree would have spared Stewart or anyone else from being sent to prison , but prior to Stewart’s

a man sitting at a table © Local News RSS EN-US Minutes after his friend was shot outside a corner grocery store in Philadelphia, 17-year-old Dontia Patterson was at his side.

Patterson lived just down the street, and on that day — Jan. 11, 2007 — he told police that he ran outside into his front yard after he heard three or four shots ring out. His neighbor pointed to the body lying on the ground outside the store and asked Patterson if that was his friend. Running closer, Patterson could see that it was, he told police. He started yelling, “Oh, my God! Is he dead? Is he dead?” a witness soon described to police, according to court documents.

Former New England mob boss faces trial over 1993 murder

  Former New England mob boss faces trial over 1993 murder <p>A former New England mob boss and an associate are set to go on trial on Wednesday on charges that they participated in the 1993 murder of a Boston nightclub manager whose remains were discovered behind an abandoned Rhode Island mill two years ago.</p>Federal prosecutors in Boston allege that Frank "Cadillac" Salemme, 84, and Paul Weadick, 63, participated in the slaying of Steven DiSarro on the suspicion that he had been talking to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TX — A corrupt former prosecutor will face a rare penalty for intentionally withholding evidence in a trial that sent an man to prison 25 years ago. For robbing an innocent man of decades of his life, the ex- D . A . will spend now have to spend 10 days in jail.

Acknowledging that a man his office sent to prison for life likely was innocent , Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro has dropped the case Cannizzaro said he now believes that Shannon — who was convicted two years into the district attorney ’s first term — was “ in all likelihood ” innocent .

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Within hours, Patterson was in the back of a police car. Within months, he was charged with his friend Antwine Jackson’s murder. And within two years — after two trials, due to a hung jury in the first — he was convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

He was convicted based largely on eyewitness identification from two men who were 40 yards away at the time of the shooting. They did not know Patterson. Their description of what the killer was wearing did not match what Patterson was wearing, according to court records. There was no motive established by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. There was no physical evidence connecting Patterson to the crime.

Man accused of trying to hire hit man to kill black neighbor

  Man accused of trying to hire hit man to kill black neighbor A South Carolina man is accused of trying to hire a hit man through a white supremacist group to kill his black neighbor. Brandon Cory Lecroy, 25, of Hodges, was arrested in April after he contacted the white supremacist group, and then made an arrangement with an undercover FBI agent to carry out his plan, authorities say in federal court documents. A grand jury Tuesday indicted Lecroy on federal charges of soliciting someone to commit a violent crime, and using interstate commerce facilities -- in this case, a cellphone -- in the alleged scheme, the US Attorney's Office in Greenville says.

Just think you tax payers , pay these dumb ass police, detectives an da ’s judges . There is an innocent man serving time in Graterford prison right now for a murder he did not commit. What I wanted to say was this: I’m the wife of a murdered man .

During jury selection, the prosecutors asked if I could convict someone based on the testimony of a single eyewitness, and I said , in theory, I could. It is impossible to know if requiring that all 12 jurors agree would have spared Stewart or anyone else from being sent to prison , but prior to Stewart’s

But there was plenty of evidence withheld — and now the same district attorney’s office that sent Patterson away for life is eviscerating its own former prosecutors because of it. Patterson, “in all likelihood,” is an innocent man, top prosecutors wrote in an extraordinary motion filed Tuesday.

In the motion, Anthony Voci, supervisor of the district attorney’s homicide unit, said the former prosecutors brought an “illogical” case against Patterson that was “so lacking in integrity” that they could not have won it if all the evidence they withheld had been exposed.

He said his office will not seek to try Patterson for murder a third time and moved to drop all charges. Should a judge sign off on the motion Wednesday, Patterson will be a free man after 11 years behind bars.

“Patterson’s conviction is an egregious example of police and prosecutorial misconduct in hiding evidence helpful to the defense that the U.S. Constitution and the Pennsylvania Constitution require to be revealed to the defense before trial,” Voci wrote. “The constitutional requirements police and prosecution ignored in Patterson’s case are crucial. They protect the innocent and re-direct the entire criminal justice system to investigate further to pursue the guilty, all of which protects the public.

Missouri man to be released after nearly 20 years in prison

  Missouri man to be released after nearly 20 years in prison Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is recommending that charges be dismissed against a man who has served nearly 20 years in prison for the death of a southeast Missouri woman.&nbsp;Hawley made the recommendation in a letter to Scott County Prosecutor Paul Boyd that David Robinson of Sikeston should be released from the Jefferson City Correctional Center. Robinson has been behind bars since being convicted in 2001 of killing of Sheila Box, who was shot to death after leaving a Sikeston bar she co-owned with $300 in cash and checks. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

At least one bomb threat was sent to the courthouse during the proceedings, prompting round-the-clock security for the judge and prosecutors . He had borrowed Heidelberg's car from Mason, both men said , and Clark claimed he feared for his life when he saw Espinoza racing toward him at the drive-in

In short, lead prosecutor Jackson called a man named Johnny Webb to testify at Willingham’s 1992 Jackson said his true motivation for helping Webb was to ensure his safety in prison . Morton spent 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife before DNA evidence linked her killing to another man .

“Prosecution that deliberately violates these constitutional rights is not law enforcement in any sense,” Voci wrote. “It is a violation of the law.”

Patterson’s conviction was vacated in February on the grounds of ineffective trial counsel after the Pennsylvania Innocence Project and law firm Cozen O’Connor filed a post-conviction writ. In 134 pages, it detailed how the murder investigation went wrong and all of the exculpatory evidence that was excluded from his trial.

The Philly district attorney’s office notes in its motion that police had significant evidence pointing to two other men as the perpetrators of Antwine Jackson’s murder — two men who had a legitimate motive to kill him and who were very likely to have escaped justice. But for whatever reason, police and prosecutors did not adequately pursue these leads, Voci wrote.

In a “white paper” police drafted the day after Jackson’s murder, police described information from a confidential informant who told them Jackson’s murder “was the result of an ongoing battle over the drug corner” in the neighborhood where Jackson was shot. The suspected killer was identified along with the location where he fled and hid. The suspect identified was not Patterson. Additional people interviewed by police backed up the information contained in the white paper, according to court documents.

Woman serving life sentence for boyfriend's death gets 65 years for husband's murder

  Woman serving life sentence for boyfriend's death gets 65 years for husband's murder A woman already serving a life sentence for her boyfriend's killing in Michigan was sentenced Wednesday in Lake County, Ind., to 65 years in prison for her husband's murder.&nbsp;Kelly Marie Cochran, 35, pleaded guilty last month after entering a plea agreement stemming from the death of her husband, Jason Cochran, 37, two years ago in Hobart, Ind.

Today in Texas, former prosecutor and judge Ken Anderson pled guilty to intentionally failing to disclose evidence in a case that sent an innocent man , Michael Morton, to prison for the murder of his wife.

Author says cops got wrong man in 1988 Philly murder To Philly D . A .'s review unit, there are no unjust convictions Court overturns 1992 murder conviction. One of Pa.'s largest counties hasn't sent a rep to Congress for years. These candidates are likely to change that.

In addition, the store owner who knew Patterson well insisted to police that he saw the shooter come into his store just before killing Jackson outside. Again, the store owner said that shooter was not Patterson.

But Patterson’s defense attorney, again for unknown reasons, did not call the store owner as a witness.

Instead, the case presented to the jury was built on flimsy eyewitness ID and spotty, inconsistent statements from two witnesses and an off-duty police officer, who was Patterson’s neighbor and had every reason to dislike him, the district attorney’s office said.

The officer’s granddaughter had a relationship with Patterson that caused tremendous strife within the family, which also was not disclosed to the jury, the motion said. The officer said she recognized Patterson’s “walk” in the grainy surveillance video during Patterson’s second trial. She said she couldn’t see his face, however.

The two men who claimed they did were more than 100 feet away from the scene.

First, the two men told police they saw the killer run away, wearing all black. Minutes later, they said they saw Patterson run up to Jackson after the shooting, distraught. But Patterson was wearing beige pants and a brown shirt, with no shoes and white socks when he arrived at Jackson’s side, the men told police. They said he must have changed his clothes.

A man who was wrongly convicted of murder when he was 14 clears his name after 27 long years

  A man who was wrongly convicted of murder when he was 14 clears his name after 27 long years John Bunn was just 14 years old when he was jailed for the 1991 murder of an off-duty correction officer in Brooklyn -- a crime he didn't commit.He was finally able to clear his name Tuesday, when a judge formally exonerated him after 27 years. He's 41 now.

"We are still seeing very aggressive sentences," Dow said , citing instances in which judges have imposed life sentences for murder . Millsap, a former Bexar County, Texas, prosecutor who now believes he may have sent an innocent man to his death, said that his experience proves that even

Dean McKee, 43, had waited years for the chance to put the man who helped send him to prison for life back on the witness stand. Dean has spent most of his life behind bars for a racially motivated murder he says he did not commit.

One of the men testified: “Well, I heard him first. He was like, ‘Who did this? Somebody did this. It was a setup’ — stuff like that. And then we saw him — we looked at each other and said, ‘That’s the guy who shot him.’”

Based on this evidence, Voci wrote in the motion that the prosecution’s theory was simply “illogical.”

“Killers do not usually remain or return to the scene of the crime,” Voci wrote. “They do not usually cry out for their victims while possible witnesses and police approach. Even the two identification witnesses who observed the shooting from far away oddly claimed that Patterson must have left after the shooting, then changed clothes before returning to the crime scene.

“Although Patterson was tried twice,” Voci wrote, “neither jury heard the truth.”

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project celebrated the motion to drop the charges against Patterson in a statement, saying his only involvement in this entire crime was “acting to comfort his dying friend.”

“I’m just so grateful that finally, after all these years, someone listened to me,” Patterson said in a statement. “Since I was 17 I’ve been saying I’m innocent, and every day since my arrest. I didn’t kill my friend.”

Around the time Patterson was charged with murder, he became a father. In the decade he spent in prison working in the kitchen, his appellate lawyer Hayes Hunt told The Washington Post, he was sending his earnings back to his 11-year-old daughter. Now he is looking forward to a regular job to help support her.

And once he’s free, Hunt said, the first thing Patterson wants to do is accompany her on a school field trip to New York.

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