Offbeat A crane operator working on the FIU bridge left the deadly scene — in his crane

19:12  14 may  2018
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Severe weather blamed for at least 3 deaths in Midwest, Canada

  Severe weather blamed for at least 3 deaths in Midwest, Canada Powerful winds toppled trees, peeled back rooftops and sent boxes flying across an airport runway in Toronto , and wind gusts of more than 60 mph sent a sky crane spinning in the city. The Great Lakes region was under an aerial assault for much of Friday with deadly results. A man was killed northwest of Detroit when part of a tree snapped and fell on him while he was working in a yard. "Who would've ever thought?" one woman said. "I mean, we all have the big trees in the yard. No one would have ever thought that. It was very sad, very sad.

Getty The scene of the FIU bridge collapse. Technical rescue technicians were on the scene , and full cranes were at the scene . His wife told officials he worked on a victim for 15 minutes to keep the person alive.

The Scene . Washington DC. Following the FIU bridge collapse, Figg made clear on its website that builder MCM was the project leader and Figg had been hired. Barnhart Crane and Rigging was in charge of the cranes on-site, and a Colorado-based company, BDI, had been hired to conduct

a view of a city street filled with lots of traffic: View of the main span of the FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge after collapsing five days after been installed over SW 8 Street-State Road 41 on Thursday, March 15, 2018.© Pedro Portal/Miami Herald/TNS View of the main span of the FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge after collapsing five days after been installed over SW 8 Street-State Road 41 on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

MIAMI - No one seemed to notice when a large white crane that had been working at the doomed Florida International University bridge lurched away down Tamiami Trail shortly after the span collapsed. There was a disaster to respond to: Mountains of concrete. Horribly mangled cars. Dead and injured people.

It wasn't until some time later that authorities began wondering what happened to the crane and its operator, a close eyewitness who might help the investigation into the collapse. But he, and the crane, were gone.

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Just about coincident with the start of the meeting above, an FIU employee in his car heard a loud Frame by frame of bridge collapse, shows worker (s?) on the top of the bridge and a crane being A very detailed discussion of what may have left the jack up in the air going on in the Eng-Tips forum.

THE FIU BRIDGE COLLAPSED OH MY GOD The first responders better have some tough stomachs when those cranes raise the slabs of cement. Man Uses Sledgehammer to Try to Stop Alleged Hit-and-Run Driver From Leaving Scene .

"He drove away in the crane and nobody stopped him," said Carl Robertson, 73, a homeless man who lives near the site of the bridge. Robertson was right there and saw it fall down. He was the first person to call 911, using his aging cell phone.

Photos and video taken immediately after the March 15 accident show the crane - rented from a Sweetwater firm called George's Crane - still present on the downed bridge's northwest side. When a Miami Herald photographer took a wide-frame aerial shot of the disaster about an hour later, the crane was nowhere in sight.

As the public tries to piece together what happened that chaotic day - at a time when government entities investigating the collapse have squeezed shut the flow of crucial information - the crane has become a source of speculation for amateur sleuths and online theorists. Readers asked the Herald: What was the crane doing and where did it go? In the absence of official explanations, some even wondered if the crane itself could have bumped the 950-ton bridge and caused the catastrophe. Did the operator then flee the scene in the most ungainly of getaway vehicles?

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Getty Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department personnel and other rescue units work at the scene where a pedestrian bridge collapsed a few days after it was built. “Hey Tom, this is Denney Pate with FIGG bridge engineers. Calling to, uh, share with you some information about the FIU pedestrian bridge

Just left the site of the bridge collapse in #Miami @OSHA_DOL & @NTSB already on the scene preparing for investigation. “I am shocked and horrified by the FIU Pedestrian Bridge collapse. I am praying for the victims and families of this tragedy,” he said in his statement.

Here is what is known: Police don't seem to believe the crane man fled the scene or caused the collapse, which independent engineers suspect was the result of structural and design flaws. They say the unidentified operator drove the crane a short distance away and stuck around to offer help - but for how long isn't clear.

The crane - with the name "George's" emblazoned prominently on the boom - had been used to lift a piece of equipment for adjusting the span's internal steel supports around the time the bridge came crashing down at 1:47 p.m., killing six people.

Robertson was a short distance west at his encampment.

Within minutes of the bridge coming down, Robertson said, the crane's operator jumped out of the cab to untie a strand of caution tape that police coming from nearby FIU and Sweetwater had quickly anchored on the machine as they rushed to save lives. Then he started up his rig and rumbled west down Tamiami and out of sight.

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Photos: Photos from the scene : Pedestrian bridge collapses in Miami. According to a fact sheet about the bridge on FIU 's website, it cost .2 million to build and was He was a crane technician for Maxim Crane , but he was not working on the bridge and happened to be driving by when it collapsed.

A bicyclist who claims he was hurt in last week's deadly bridge collapse in Miami filed the first civil FIU bridge collapses. Police lights illuminate the scene of a pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami Television imagery from the scene showed a crane being moved into position where the bridge lay in

"I didn't think about it until later that day," Robertson said of the crane's disappearance. "I didn't have my wits about me because they were pulling people out."

Although he was the first person to call 911, police recordings show, he says the cops never followed up to take a formal interview.

After the Herald published a piece last week on FIU engineers discovering potentially problematic cracks in the bridge days before the collapse, Robertson called reporters to recount his story - and to ask if anyone had figured out where the crane and the crane man went.

A lawyer for George's Crane - which rents hydraulic cranes as large as 170 tons - offered an explanation to the Herald.

Far from fleeing, the operator needed to move the lumbering contraption out of the way, said the attorney, Bryant Blevins. Rescuers had shown up right away.

"The emergency vehicles needed access," Blevins said. "They were getting there pretty quickly after the collapse. At that point, he had to move the crane."

So, Blevins said, the crane man drove the boom mounted on a six-wheel trailer out of the way and then - what time exactly Blevins couldn't say - took it about 30 blocks north to the George's Crane lot in Sweetwater. That's where the crane stayed.

Bridge collapses into river in Kashmir; 5 dead, 11 missing

  Bridge collapses into river in Kashmir; 5 dead, 11 missing Bridge collapses into river in Kashmir; 5 dead, 11 missingJaved Ayub, a senior tourism department official in Pakistani-administered Kashmir, said 14 students were rescued after the bridge collapsed and that civil and military rescue teams were searching for 11 others.

The scene after the collapse. (Reuters via social media). Share. Called an “instant bridge ,” the 950-ton walkway was lowered into place by cranes , a process that took several hours. First-of-its-kind pedestrian bridge “swings” into place. “ FIU is about building bridges and student safety.

«» Sixth and Final Victim Identified. Police have identified all six victims of the deadly pedestrian bridge collapse near Florida International University . Brownfield has three daughters and worked in the crane industry, according to the page. In a video message posted on Twitter, FIU president Mark

The operator, however, returned to the scene "later that night" and was interviewed by police and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a federal agency that investigates on-the-job accidents, according to Blevins.

A spokesman for OSHA declined to comment. The public knows very little about why the bridge came down. The National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the cause of the accident, has forbidden the release of potentially critical public records that might shed some light. The Herald is suing the Florida Department of Transportation to compel their release.

George Bremer, who owns the crane company, could not be reached.

Whatever happened, the operator's behavior is puzzling - and angers some attorneys who are involved in the case and learned of the crane's disappearance independently of the Herald.

"Why would he leave the scene?" asked Alan Goldfarb, who is representing the family of Alexa Duran, an FIU student crushed to death in her vehicle during the collapse. "It doesn't make any sense. ... How could you remove equipment from an investigative scene?"

The Miami-Dade Police Department, which is investigating the deaths as homicides, has its own version of where the crane and the crane man went.

Capt. Alex Acosta says investigators believe the operator simply drove a few hundred feet from the collapsed bridge, parking the machine nearby.

"He moved it right there on site, off to the side," Acosta said. "He must have just got nervous."

The captain said the man - whose name the department is not willing to release - then went back to the accident scene to "render aid."

After that, he went home. But police figured out who he was and got in touch.

"He came back voluntarily (to the scene) and was interviewed," Acosta said.

The crane operator spoke willingly with police, according to Acosta, and no action was taken against him.

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Feds are investigating cracks in collapsed Miami bridge .
MIAMI - Federal transportation safety investigators are looking into cracks that appeared in a critical structural support piece in the Florida International University pedestrian bridge days before it collapsed, according to a preliminary report issued Wednesday. The four-page report from the National Transportation Safety Board confirms that cracks on a diagonal truss support - identified in plans as No. 11 - raise concerns about the span's structural soundness. The cracks developed before the bridge was lifted into place on March 10. It collapsed five days later onto the busy Tamiami Trail, killing five motorists and a construction worker.


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