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Texas prosecutors drop dozens more cases from Waco shooting

Wednesday  20:51,   09 may 2018

Prosecutors on Tuesday dismissed more than 60 cases stemming from a 2015 shooting in Waco involving rival biker clubs that left nine dead, the latest sign of serious trouble for an ambitious pursuit of convictions following the deadliest biker[...]

'Spiritual Healer' Arrested For Inducing Miscarriage

Wednesday  20:46,   09 may 2018

The Bronx "spiritualist" has been accused of knocking out clients with a potion and sexually abusing them.Cristian Robles, 32, was charged with two counts of criminal sexual activity, five counts of sexual abuse, weapons possession and[...]

Inside Wild Wild Country: How a 'Sex Guru' and His Cult Overwhelmed a Tiny Oregon Town — and Poisoned 700 People

Wednesday  17:16,   09 may 2018

After more than three decades, John Silvertooth, believed he’d finally put the memories to rest about the time the Indian cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and thousands of his devotees in bright red clothes descended — and then took over — tiny[...]

Trial to begin for ex-mafia boss charged in 1993 killing

Wednesday  07:57,   09 may 2018

A former New England mafia boss accused of killing a nightclub owner to prevent him from cooperating with authorities 25 years ago is heading to trial. Opening statements are expected Wednesday in the trial of ex-mafia boss Francis[...]

Priest sentenced to 10 years probation for seducing woman seeking spiritual help

Tuesday  20:56,   08 may 2018

A chance encounter in Rome led a Minnesota woman to seek spiritual solace from a San Diegan studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood, Jacob Bertrand. In a Minnesota courtroom Monday, Bertrand was sentenced to 10 years probation and a[...]

Paroled sex offender in RV chase charged with kidnap, abuse

Tuesday  19:15,   08 may 2018

A paroled sex offender arrested two days after he led police on a wild RV chase with his young children has been charged with kidnapping, assault and a slew of other criminal counts. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said[...]

Police Put ‘POPO’ On Side Of Vehicles In Hilarious Move To Reach The Kids

Tuesday  16:57,   08 may 2018

What were they[...]

'I wasn't very afraid of him': 100-year-old Utah woman testifies about being held hostage

Tuesday  16:21,   08 may 2018

A grandmother was not afraid of a young man who broke into her house with a gun and pulled her out of bed one night in"To begin with, I told him I couldn't hear very well. So he talked nice and loud," Doris Wasden recalled, chuckling. "He was close[...]

Who Killed Daniel Duignam? Mystery Surrounds Fatal Shooting of Temple U. Student in his Apartment

Tuesday  16:21,   08 may 2018

A college student in Philadelphia was fatally shot on Saturday, and investigators say there were indications of a struggle inside his apartment where his body was found, according to multiple reports. A college student in Philadelphia was[...]

Florida deputy shot while responding to dispute about cat dies

Tuesday  16:21,   08 may 2018

A Florida sheriff's deputy who was shot in the head while responding to a dispute over a cat has died. LIVE News[...]

Texas woman who stole $1.2 million kills herself hours before sentencing

Monday  21:40,   07 may 2018

<p>A Spring, Texas woman who admitted to embezzling $1.2 million killed herself hours before being sentenced to prison last week, according to court records.</p>Paige Moody Bisher, a 43-year-old who worked part-time as an administrative[...]

Gangs, homicides, cold cases: Retired FBI agent's long career reflects Pittsburgh-area crime history

Monday  18:30,   07 may 2018

<p>From killers to gang wars to counter-terrorism in Pakistan, Mr. Carter had a hand in a wide variety of investigations during his 27-year career at the FBI, including several of the region’s most notorious cases.</p>So FBI agent Tom Carter[...]

Police were dispatched to wrong Waffle House in shooting

Monday  10:36,   07 may 2018

Officers arrived at the right location roughly five minutes after first going to one closer to central Nashville.Members of the Nashville police department listened to a dispatcher call all cars to 816 Murfreesboro Pike, which is not where gunman[...]

Florida deputy responding to reported dispute shot, critically wounded

Monday  06:20,   07 may 2018

A Florida sheriff's deputy was in critical condition Sunday night after he was shot while responding to a reported "neighbor dispute," authorities said.A Florida sheriff's deputy was in critical condition Sunday night after he was shot [...]

Grandma, 70, shoots alleged home intruder: 'Kill him before he kills me'

Monday  00:05,   07 may 2018

A gun-toting 70-year-old grandmother took matters into her own hands early Saturday morning when she shot and wounded an alleged home intruder attempting to break into her Philadelphia residence. Maxine Thompson told FOX29 she woke up around 4:30[...]