Crime Parental rights of rapists terminated in Maryland

23:50  13 february  2018
23:50  13 february  2018 Source:   WBAL TV Baltimore

Maryland ending parental rights of rapists who impregnate

  Maryland ending parental rights of rapists who impregnate More than 10 years after supporters began pushing for it, Maryland's legislature has decided — with unanimous votes in the Senate and House — to enable impregnated rape victims to ask judges to end the parental rights of their rapists.Supporters say it has become embarrassing that a state known for its progressive politics is one of the last to adopt such a law. They also credit a growing sense of female empowerment for making the issue a priority."I think we were moving in the direction of getting done this year, period, but I think the #MeToo movement certainly helped," said Del.

The big picture of how parental rights for rapists are treated across the US. Maryland , for one, has been working for years to pass a law that would allow a rape victim to terminate her attacker's parental rights .

Legislation that Terminates All of a Rapist Father’s Parental Rights — Conviction Required. A concern surrounding the Maryland bill was the idea that rape victims do not often keep their rape-conceived children and, thus, rapists asserting parental rights is not a problem that warrants

a person taking a selfie in a room: Baby Name Trends - Generic © Provided by Hearst Television, Inc. Baby Name Trends - Generic Gov. Larry Hogan signed legislation Tuesday terminating the parental rights of rapists in Maryland. It took nine years to get the bill passed, but it is considered emergency legislation, so it takes effect immediately.

Advocates believe the bill sends several messages, two of which are particularly key: One, that women should be believed, and two, that they do have a right to bring an action to court to have their concerns heard.

"This is a very important day for the state of Maryland. I know this is a long time coming," Hogan said.

Victims' rights advocates have fought nine years to pass legislation allowing women who become pregnant as a result of sexual assault to terminate the parental rights of their attacker.

Oklahoma woman gets reduced sentence after getting sterilized as per judge's request

  Oklahoma woman gets reduced sentence after getting sterilized as per judge's request An Oklahoma woman convicted of using a counterfeit check has received a reduced sentence after getting medically sterilized at the suggestion of the judge. Summer Thyme Creel, 34, a mother of seven children, was facing a maximum penalty sentenced to a year in federal prison for the crime. However, U.S. District Judge Stephen Friot showed leniency earlier this weekend and sentenced her to only a year in federal prison, and three years of supervised release, The Oklahoman reported.The decision came after Friot suggested Creel undergo the sterilization procedure last June.

A bill that would allow women in Maryland who get pregnant as a result of rape to terminate the parental rights of their assailants passed a key Senate committee Tuesday. The measure has been introduced each year for the last decade but has foundered each time amid questions about

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"From a global perspective, it signifies a respect for women, (and) our understanding of what they go through," said Lisea Jordan, executive director of the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Speaker Michael Busch recognized Del. Kathleen Dumais as the person who almost single-handedly delivered the bill to the governor's desk.

"She has been the champion. Very patient, persistent to make this happen, and without her, we would not be here today," Busch said.

The law allows rape survivors who become pregnant by their attacker to petition the court to remove his parental rights, even with no conviction. A judge will use a clear and convincing evidence standard to make that decision.

"Having a judge weigh and balance what should be done. Terminating anyone's parental rights is a major decision, a substantial decision, and it should be done in a fair way," Dumais said.

Senate Bill 2 received a unanimous vote, but the bill came close to going back to the drawing board in the Senate.

"One of the concessions that the Senate had to make in order to allow this bill to get passed was that (the bill must also) relieve the rapist of that parental responsibility of supporting the child," said Senate Pres. Mike Miller.

Advocates aren't finished yet. They will be back next year, pushing a bill to give victims the option of making their rapist pay child support.

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