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The First Class passenger didn't merely partake of his own pre-departure beverage, he asked the Flight Attendant for two more. And then the First Class (insert your own noun here) was kicked off the flight .

He banged his head against the window and shouted before he was restrained. Police intercepted man after the flight touched down in Manchester last month. Fellow passengers say the experience put them off flying altogether.

a large passenger jet sitting on top of a runway: American Airlines.© Provided by Business Insider Inc American Airlines. John Minchillo/AP

  • A first-class passenger on an American Airlines flight on Saturday was removed from the plane before it took off.
  • A representative from American Airlines told INSIDER that the man was removed from the flight for violating federal law.
  • According to Katie Genter, a passenger who tweeted about the experience, the man ordered six shots before the plane's door closed and tried to give alcohol to his friends in economy.
  • After an argument with the flight attendant, the man was removed from the flight.
  • His friends in economy remained on the airplane, and the flight took off.

American Airlines passenger Katie Genter witnessed a bizarre situation unfold in the first-class cabin of her flight as a fellow passenger not only ordered three alcoholic drinks before the door closed, but even tried to bring two drinks to his friends sitting in economy — an action that violates federal law, leading to his removal from the airplane.

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He then tried to move into business class , where he says he was 'ambushed' by six members of staff who tied him up by his hands and feet before allegedly dragging him back to his seat in economy . Footage obtained by MailOnline shows uniformed police surrounding him after the plane diverted

British Airways kicked man with cancer off flight after he asked for an upgrade. The 65-year-old was just an hour into the flight when he claims his legs swelled and he started to feel dizzy.

As Genter recounted in an article on The Points Guy, she was flying in first class from Philadelphia to Atlanta on Saturday.

While the first-class passengers were boarding the American Airlines flight, a man with a first-class ticket requested to board along with his friends, who were seated in economy.

When the gate agent noted that his friends had too many carry-on items and asked them to check their bags, the man — who is unnamed in The Points Guy article —dismissed the agent's request and proceeded to board the plane anyway.

According to Genter, he and his friends "sauntered down the jetway" and "celebrated with language that isn't appropriate to repeat."

Once the man was seated, he ordered a pre-departure beverage — a perk that is often offered to first-class passengers — before ordering further drinks.

After he finished his first drink, the man reportedly asked the flight attendant for two more "double shots on ice." And when the flight attendant told him that he could only order one drink at a time, Genter said he pretended to order the second drink for the woman sitting next to him.

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Genter posted the following tweet, apparently in reference to the man on her flight. In her tweet, she calls him a "self entitled man" who "ordered six shots before the door even closed." As Genter explains in more detail in her article, the man had ordered three rounds of "double shots on ice," bringing it up to a total of six shots of alcohol.

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Self entitled man on @AmericanAir 1862 ordered six shots before the door even closed. Tried to take four of them to friends in economy.

The real problem, however, was that he also attempted to bring the two "double shots on ice" to his two friends seated in economy.

According to Genter, the man was stopped by a flight attendant, but he argued with her and claimed that he needed to go to the bathroom in the economy cabin — with two drinks in hand.

After the flight attendant made it clear that first-class passengers must use the bathroom located in the front of the plane, Genter said that the man returned to his seat with the drinks in hand and texted his friends. Moments later, she noticed that his two friends sitting in economy came up to the first-class cabin under the pretense of needing to use the bathroom. Genter watched as the flight attendant stopped them and instructed them to use the bathroom located at the rear of the plane.

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You can just picture the vultures when there's a first class meal available. "We get what's left over of the fresh food after the passengers have been fed." What's the most desirable flight for a flight attendant to work?

He then tried to move into business class , where he says he was 'ambushed' by six members of staff who tied him up by his hands and feet before allegedly dragging him back to his seat in economy . 'I was just trying to get some room to stretch my leg,' he told MailOnline.

Moments later, Genter observed the man and the flight attendant get into an argument. Although she could not hear most of the conversation, she said she overheard the flight attendant confronting the man about trying to give alcohol to his friends in economy.

In a follow-up tweet, Genter expressed that she wasn't entirely sure why the flight attendants even "served him that many shots in the first place."

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Not sure why the FA served him that many shots in the first place.

Following this argument, the man returned to his seat and finished one of the drinks before returning the other drink to the flight attendant.

At this point, all of the passengers had boarded the plane, and yet the plane door was still open.

Ten minutes after the scheduled departure, an American Airlines representative walked onto the plane with a printout and asked to speak with the man in the jetway. Shortly after, the man left the plane.

Genter watched as the man followed the representative out of the plane, and she wondered on Twitter if he would return.

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An economy passenger entered the business class cabin when she felt ill and the lavatory in back was in use. “all the economy toilets were available” though I don’t think I’ve ever been on a flight where that’s true and @Penny and @Kimmie – Everytime a passenger gets kicked off a plane, it

Kwame Bantu, 65, says he was wanted to stretch his legs in first class after he began feeling dizzy and his leg began to swell. He claims he was “ambushed” by staff who tied him up by his hands and feet before he was allegedly dragged back to his economy seat on the flight from London's Gatwick

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AA manager pulled him from the plane to "talk to him". We'll see if he returns.

After the discussion with the airline representative, the man returned to the plane, retrieved his carry-on baggage, and left the plane without further comment. As soon as he left, the boarding door closed and the plane started moving almost immediately, leaving the man behind. His friends in economy remained on the plane.

An American Airlines representative told INSIDER that the man was asked to leave  because it is against the law to consume alcohol on a flight that isn't served by an aircraft employee.

As the Electronic Code of Federal Regulation states, "No person may drink any alcoholic beverage aboard an aircraft unless the certificate holder operating the aircraft has served that beverage to him." By attempting to serve alcohol to his friends, the man was violating federal law.

The American Airlines representative also noted that the crew wasn't comfortable with his behavior. According to the representative, the airline offered to book the man onto the next flight. However, he declined the offer.

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And he's out of here. Friends stayed. Door closed.

Genter was supportive of American Airline's decision to remove the first-class passenger, saying that the airline "handled this situation perfectly" and that the other first class passengers "seemed to unanimously approve" of the decision. According to Genter, many thanked the flight attendant for taking action.

You can read Katie Genter's full account on The Points Guy.

Katie Genter did not immediately reply to INSIDER's request for comment.

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