Smart Living This Handsome Rescue Cat Runs His Own Hotel

22:10  13 march  2018
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Woman Says She Was Charged $350 for Leaving Negative Hotel Review. Now the Hotel Is Being Sued

  Woman Says She Was Charged $350 for Leaving Negative Hotel Review. Now the Hotel Is Being Sued A woman who left a negative online review about a hotel in Indiana has said she was charged $350 and threatened with legal action for describing her experience. The Indiana Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit on Dec. 15, claiming the hotel’s policy of levelling a charge against guests for negative reviews violated the state’s Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.

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Unlike a lot of free-loading house cats, Hamlet has a job. He runs a hotel.

The handsome orange tabby “works” at New York City’s Algonquin Hotel, which has had a feline on staff since the 1930s. The first cat to live at the hotel was a stray that wandered into the lobby and was taken in by The Algonquin.

Ever since, the hotel has made sure to have an adopted kitty living in the lobby. All the boys are orange tabbies named Hamlet and all the girls are ragdoll cats named Maltida. Most important, all the felines are rescues.

The current Hamlet is the 11th cat to live the high life at the Algonquin. Before moving into his new digs, he was living in a feral cat colony.

You pay the outside temperature at this US hotel for #bombcyclone

  You pay the outside temperature at this US hotel for #bombcyclone Though the "bomb cyclone" currently lashing parts of northeastern US and Canada may be causing general travel chaos, guests of one hotel in Boston are being invited to use the plummeting temperatures to their advantage. As part of its "Frosty Fridays" weekend package, The Colonnade Hotel allows guests to pay only the outside temperature on Friday night, based on the 5 pm reading by the National Weather Service. Guests who book this weekend, for instance, can expect to pay about $28 based on the latest weather forecast of 28F (-2C) for Friday. The two-night deal comes with a slight catch though, as the following Saturday is priced at $289.

Talk about an upgrade!

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Futuristic, floating, ring-shaped hotel to open above Arctic Circle in Norway .
Far up north, in the quiet wilderness of a Norwegian fjord just above the Arctic Circle, a ring-shaped hotel is currently being built that will generate more energy than it consumes, while offering guests 360-degree views of its stunning, dramatic setting.&nbsp;Dubbed the world's first "energy positive hotel concept" to be built by the Arctic Circle, artist renderings for the Svart hotel reveal a futuristic, ring-shaped structure set upon stilts in the Holandsfjorden fjord, creating the illusion of an overwater, floating hotel.

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