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7 Little Ways to Boost Your Dog's Mental Health

Thursday  01:35,   24 august 2017

<p>Keep your dog mentally stimulated with these simple tips &amp; tricks.</p>As far as best friends go, dogs are a pretty selfless bunch. They give us unconditional love and companionship, and all they really ask is that we keep the kibble [...]

A New Study Says Loneliness Turns People Selfish

Thursday  01:35,   24 august 2017
The Cut

<p>Loneliness could sap our empathy and make us more self-absorbed.</p>But loneliness can also have an uglier side, sapping our empathy and making us more self-absorbed. At least, that’s the argument of a new study recently published in the[...]

Yes, You Can Be Happy at Work: Here's How

Thursday  01:35,   24 august 2017
NBC News

How do you turn things around at work? For psychologist Shilagh Mirgain, it comes down to three important numbers: five, three and one. For five minutes a day, meditate.First, and perhaps most important, we need to set aside time to meditate for at[...]

7 Things You Should Be Paying Attention to in an Interview

Thursday  01:00,   24 august 2017

7 Things You Should Be Paying Attention to in an InterviewBy Jennifer[...]

Why 'Selling Out' In Our Careers Doesn't Have To Be A Bad Thing

Thursday  00:55,   24 august 2017

What if we live in a world where the vast majority of young people have no choice BUT to sell out?&nbsp;It hasn’t always been this way. At least, I think. Imagine, if you will, the days when squatting in London was possible; when Camden was cool [...]

As A Woman, I'm Not Allowed To Have Body Hair In The Workplace

Monday  20:06,   14 august 2017

How much better at my job would I be if I didn't have to add "figuring out what to do about my body hair" to the list of things required for me to do it? It's a question I'll likely never have an answer to, and just one more example[...]

Know that cat breed?

Tuesday  20:10,   08 august 2017

<p>Test your knowledge about these breeds of[...]

A Total Beginner’s Guide to Keeping a Journal

Friday  21:11,   04 august 2017
The Cut

Gentle advice for anyone unsure of how to fill all those blank pages.And yet I’d like to be the kind of person who keeps a record of her life. It would be nice to relive those moments at some point in the future. Beyond that, there’s also wealth of[...]

Your Pet's Meaty Food Is a Big Contributor to Climate Change, Too

Friday  20:24,   04 august 2017
Food & Wine

Eating beef may be tasty, but it's not exactly good for the environment. After all, producing steaks, roasts, and burger patties leaves a large carbon footprint. Luckily for the environment, we humans are cutting back our beef consumption. But[...]

Pet Owners Refusing To Vaccinate Their Dogs Fearing Link To Autism

Friday  20:24,   04 august 2017
International Business Times

The anti-vaccination movement has shifted its focus towards pets, even though there is no scientific link between autism and vaccines.The anti-vaccination movement that plagued parents with fear their children may develop a myriad of diseases has[...]

A Former Playboy Bunny Shares 8 Secrets About the Job That Will Surprise You

Thursday  21:25,   03 august 2017

Barbara Walters, better known as Bobbie the Bunny, is shown in the photo above (second from the left) completely in her element. At the age of 22, she told herself that she wanted to become a Playboy bunny the minute she saw one on the cover of[...]

Science Proves We Would All Be Better Off If Men Did More Housework

Thursday  20:33,   03 august 2017
Working Mother

A new study shows our overall welfare and economic output would get a big boost. If you’re a regular reader of Working Mother, we probably don’t need to tell you that working moms shoulder the bulk of household chores and childcare. And that they[...]

How to Hack Your Sleeping Hours and Be More Productive During the Day

Wednesday  20:56,   02 august 2017

There's a huge block of untapped time and problem-solving potential hidden behind your eyelids. All you have to do is sleep on it. (function (d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t); s.type =[...]

7 Ways to Turn a Toxic Co-Worker Into an Ally

Wednesday  20:52,   02 august 2017

Take a moment to assess your own emotional makeup. It might serve as a useful insight as to why some personalities trigger frustration in you. (function (d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t); s.type =[...]

10 Long-Forgotten Expressions To Drop Into Conversation

Wednesday  19:56,   02 august 2017
Mental Floss

Whether you’re sailing three sheets to the wind or flying by the seat of your pants, English allows you to drop what are (at face value at least) some pretty peculiar idioms and expressions into your everyday conversation. 1. IT’S TOO LATE TO WHET[...]