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Can You Get Food Poisoning From People Instead of Food?

Thursday  17:36,   21 june 2018

During the recent outbreak of E. coli in romaine lettuce, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an update that contained a curious piece of information. Some of the victims had not eaten tainted romaine lettuce; they had simply [...]

Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Talks Depression Mid-Song at MSG Show

Thursday  17:10,   21 june 2018

Imagine Dragons' lead singer Dan Reynolds talked about depression during the band's concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City.“I want to say one thing tonight,” Reynolds said in the middle of his band’s hit[...]

Science Says: What makes something truly addictive

Thursday  17:10,   21 june 2018

<p>Now that the world's leading public health group says too much Minecraft can be an addiction, could overindulging in chocolate, exercise, even sex, be next?</p>The short answer is probably[...]

How Can Men Lower Their Risk of Dying From Prostate Cancer?

Thursday  16:56,   21 june 2018

As late-stage prostate cancer rates rise, men must grapple with questions about screening and treatment. For two decades prostate cancer deaths had been steadily declining. In 1993, about 39 in every 1,000 American men died from the cancer that [...]

The 5 Skincare Products You Must Use By Age 30

Thursday  15:45,   21 june 2018

<p>Your twenty-something skin has something to tell you: Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet.</p>Because once your thirties roll around you can say hello to signs of aging-and possibly even some new adult acne! (Happy birthday to you-here are[...]

Why It’s Normal to Feel Anxiety After a Sudden Loss

Thursday  15:01,   21 june 2018

When my dad died suddenly a few years ago, I told myself that I was fine. Yes, I was devastated, but I assumed I'd be able to plow through it and keep moving.&nbsp;When I returned to "normal life" after my dad's funeral, I was pretty[...]

Losing weight could reverse a heart flutter in those with obesity

Thursday  14:31,   21 june 2018

New Australian research has found for the first time that individuals who are obese and suffering from atrial fibrillation may be able to reverse the effects of the heart condition by losing weight.&nbsp;Led by the Centre for Heart Rhythm[...]

'Black Panther' star Danai Gurira's workout routine is so intense, you'll sweat just reading about it

Thursday  14:30,   21 june 2018

Danai Gurira needed to be fit and strong to play Okoye in "Black Panther," but she prioritized physical health long before she played the army leader.&nbsp;"If I haven't worked out, if I haven't exercised and connected with my body in[...]

7 nice-smelling, non-sticky bug repellents that actually work

Thursday  02:05,   21 june 2018

Scare away skeeters without smelling like a chemical factoryIf anything can ruin a good time in the backyard, it's ticks and mosquitoes. And with fears of West Nile and Lyme, you might want a good bug[...]

5 scary things that could happen to your body on the keto diet

Thursday  01:30,   21 june 2018

The ketogenic diet is seeing wild popularity for its positive weight loss effects. But, it does have some potential risks and it can cause complications.&nbsp;Surely you’ve been hit by the dozens of dramatic before-and-after photos brought on by [...]

Laser pointer burns hole in boy's retina

Thursday  01:06,   21 june 2018

A 9-year-old boy in Greece permanently injured his left eye when he repeatedly gazed into a laser pointer's green beam, doctors say.Examination revealed a large hole in the macula, a small area in the retina that helps with discerning detail in[...]

The sneaky ways that pool chlorine and salt water impact your skin

Thursday  00:42,   21 june 2018

<p>Depending on what type of water you're submerging yourself in, you could be taking a toll on your skin.</p>As you could imagine, chlorine isn't exactly your skin's BFF. "Chlorine's a strong antibacterial used in pools to prevent[...]

We All Really Need to Stop Freaking Out About MSG

Wednesday  23:06,   20 june 2018

<p>Long ago, in a land called the 1990s, our food fears were very different than they are now.</p>Long ago, in a land called the 1990s, our food fears were very different than they are now. Sure, we've been worried about MSG on some level for[...]

WHO Just Made A Huge Change For Transgender People

Wednesday  22:26,   20 june 2018

In what could be a monumental move for transgender people, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced Monday that they no longer classify gender incongruence (also known as gender dysphoria) as a mental illness.&nbsp;The WHO announced the[...]

People who drink in moderation may outlive teetotalers, according to a new study

Wednesday  22:10,   20 june 2018

<p>A new study has found that people who drink in moderation may be less likely to die early than those who stay away from booze altogether. But this doesn't mean teetotalers should start drinking.</p>But this hasn't stopped scientists[...]