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The one diet change that could boost your sex life and fertility

Saturday  02:08,   26 may 2018

<p>If your sex life is feeling a bit stale, something as simple as changing what you put on your plate could turn up the heat. And according to new research, it could be as simple as eating seafood.</p>In a study published in the Journal of[...]

The one supplement you should take every day, according to a neuroscientist

Saturday  02:08,   26 may 2018

It's credited with reducing stress, boosting your brain, and enhancing creativity.If you love your brain and want to take care of it, pop some magnesium. According to neuroscientist and author Tara Swart, MD, your body's natural magnesium store[...]

How loud restaurants can lead to unhealthy eating choices

Saturday  00:45,   26 may 2018

A recent study found that diners exposed to loud music ordered foods that were significantly higher in calories.<br>In a recent study conducted by Dipayan Biswas, PhD, marketing professor at the University of South Florida's Muma College of[...]

What is 80 Day Obsession? Everything you need to know about the fitness and diet plan

Saturday  00:45,   26 may 2018

<p>Eighty days is an odd amount of time. It's not quite three months, it's not an even number of weeks. But 80-Day Obsession trainer Autumn Calabrese says it's the exact amount of time to create a healthy foundation for[...]

Mom warns about sunscreen after 14-month-old daughter ends up in ER

Saturday  00:12,   26 may 2018

Rebecca Cannon thought some sunscreen was better than none. Then her daughter experienced a caustic burn from some spray sunscreen. Last year, Rebecca Cannon thought she did everything right before her then 14-month-old daughter, Kyla, went out to[...]

5 Tips for Cutting Out Dairy, According to a Nutritionist

Friday  23:53,   25 may 2018

<p>Here's how to make sure you avoid dairy completely (including milk-derived additives)—and still get the nutrients your body needs.</p>I’ve had clients go dairy free for a variety of reasons. Some tested positive for a dairy allergy, or[...]

Here's the grueling workout that gives Kim Kardashian her famous figure

Friday  22:30,   25 may 2018

<p>Here's everything we know about how the mother of three exercises to refine her hourglass shape.</p>Here's everything we know about how Kardashian West exercises to refine her hourglass[...]

Pete Davidson Reminds Us That Having a Mental Illness Doesn’t Mean ‘You Can’t Be Happy and in a Relationship’

Friday  22:05,   25 may 2018

<p>After people on Twitter suggested he was unable to be in a stable relationship with Ariana Grande because of his diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, the Pete Davidson set critics straight.</p>After people on Twitter suggested he[...]

Lawsuits allege dancing doctor was negligent

Friday  21:41,   25 may 2018

At least seven lawsuits have been filed against a surgeon in Georgia who shared videos of herself dancing on YouTube during surgery while patients are in view and under anesthesia. The suits claim she is unqualified and her behavior resulted in poor [...]

Is the Nordic Diet for You? Why You Might Want to Give It a Try This Summer

Friday  20:26,   25 may 2018

<p>Move over, Mediterranean diet — there's a new European eating plan in town.</p>The Nordic diet has its roots in the cuisines of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland and appears to have many of the same health benefits as the[...]

What you need to know about rabies this summer

Friday  20:00,   25 may 2018

The incidence of rabies has dramatically dropped in the United States over the past 100 years, but people (and pets) still get infected.&nbsp;<br>The word is enough to strike fear in the heart of any animal lover. Rabies, though rare, leads[...]

From using her phone on the treadmill to resting between sets: Fit mother-of-two, 40, reveals the common 'gym traps' that hindered her weight loss

Friday  19:41,   25 may 2018

<p>Belinda Norton, a mother of two, says stay off your phone, avoid gossip sessions, and take a rest between weights.</p>And it's clear physical education teacher Belinda Norton, from the Gold Coast, has worked extremely hard for her[...]

Survivor of near-fatal tick bite has a lesson for summer

Friday  19:20,   25 may 2018

On the eve of Memorial Day weekend, Jennifer Slone wants you to know that bug bites are more than just itchy. They can be deadly. And they're pretty easy to avoid. For two weeks last summer, Slone, a librarian from Waverly, Ohio, languished in the[...]

Anorexic woman is given choice to seek out-of-state medical treatment or die

Friday  19:08,   25 may 2018

Katrina Howard, 25, who weighed 58 pounds was told that she would have to travel out of Georgia if she wanted to receive treatment for her anorexia. A Georgia woman who weighs 58 pounds was told she had two choices -- either seek out-of-state[...]

9 Skin Cancer Treatments

Friday  18:41,   25 may 2018

When you're diagnosed with skin cancer, you'll have several treatment options to consider. When it comes to skin cancer, no one type of treatment is best. Your options depend on the type of skin cancer you have, the stage it's in, size and[...]