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Should you do ab exercises every day if you want to see results?

Friday  21:40,   19 january 2018
Women's Health

<p>You may be sabotaging your six-pack goals.</p>It's a new year, which means there’s no time like the present to finally tone up your[...]

Second face transplant for Frenchman in world-first

Friday  20:18,   19 january 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

A man whose body rejected a face transplant he received seven years ago has been given a second donor face after living nearly two months without one, French medical agencies said Friday.&nbsp;It is the first time in transplant history that[...]

New blood test can detect early signs of 8 kinds of cancer

Friday  20:18,   19 january 2018
Tribune News Service

The noninvasive test can screen for a range of cancers all at once: cancer of the ovary, liver, stomach, pancreas, esophagus, colon, lung, and breast.<br>The test, which can also help doctors determine where in a person's body the cancer is[...]

Sorry, but Here Are 5 Important Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Diet Soda

Friday  20:17,   19 january 2018

<p>Did you know that drinking diet soda every day can make you 44 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack than those who don't drink it at all?</p>Fizzy drinks may feel cool and refreshing, but they don't do your belly any favors.[...]

What this 14-year-old thought was a pimple turned into an 8-pound tumor

Friday  19:50,   19 january 2018

Emanuel Zayas has been living with a massive tumor on his face, affecting his ability to see, breathe and eat. Doctors removed it during a 12-hour surgery.By the time he was 14, it had transformed into a more than 8-pound tumor on the front of his[...]

Skin-Cancer Survivors Summer Sanders, Mike Schmidt Advocate For Prevention

Friday  19:50,   19 january 2018

The biggest enemy for outdoor athletes is not the opposing team. It is not the pitcher on the mound they are staring in the eye, or the referee making unfair calls. Their biggest enemy is the one thing they almost can't avoid: the sun.Staying[...]

Firefighters cut hair, raise money for colleague with cancer

Friday  19:07,   19 january 2018
WCVB Boston

Members of the Manchester Fire Department lined up to get their hair trimmed short to show their support for firefighter Mike Meehan, who was diagnosed with cancer in October.&nbsp;Members of the Manchester Fire Department lined up to get their[...]

U.S. Report: Medical cases of ADHD in young women are skyrocketing

Friday  19:07,   19 january 2018

The number of young, adult women medicated for ADHD has skyrocketed over the last decade – jumping by 344%, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report points out that these women are of reproductive[...]

Gabourey Sidibe Is Getting Her Tonsils Out—Here's What That's Like as an Adult

Friday  18:31,   19 january 2018

<p>We tend to think of a tonsillectomy as something children get. But lots of adults have to get their tonsils out too — just ask Gabourey Sidibe.</p>We tend to think of a tonsillectomy as something children get. But lots of adults have to get [...]

Woman battling brain cancer lives out major fantasy: Being 'showered with puppies'

Friday  18:30,   19 january 2018

Courtney Gessford's dog Clyde has been a great comfort, so a friend got the idea that if one dog was therapeutic, then lots of dogs would be truly transcendent.<br>Courtney Gessford's good friend brought her to Sacramento's public animal[...]

27-Year-Old California Woman Dies After Contracting the Flu: 'It Was a Total and Complete Shock'

Friday  18:12,   19 january 2018

A 27-year-old woman died from complications from the flu just days after she contracted the virus that has taken the lives of dozens of people, young and old, across the U.S. this season. Katharine Gallagher, of Tustin, California, left work early[...]

The $9 billion reason you should never show up to work sick

Friday  18:12,   19 january 2018
Business Insider

The 2018 flu season has been one of the worst in years. Doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say they're seeing "widespread" instances of the flu in 49 states, and it's the first time manyThe flu is[...]

Follow These 3 Rules That Let You Eat More and Lose Weight

Friday  18:11,   19 january 2018

<p>These healthy eating tips from a nutritionist are crazy easy to follow.</p>For some people, buzzy meal plans like Whole30 and the ketogenic diet are the only things that motivate them to overhaul their eating habits. For others, diets can[...]

6 Tips for Overcoming the 'January Blues'

Friday  17:26,   19 january 2018

<p>Here are my top six tips for overcoming the January Blues</p>This can be an extremely difficult time for many, and sometimes there is no quick and easy fix, particularly if there are more deep-seated, ongoing mental or emotional concerns[...]

Flu deaths prompt warnings from victims' families as outbreak continues

Friday  02:47,   19 january 2018
FOX News

It doesn't matter if you run marathons or play sports, when it comes to the flu, no one is completely immune. That's the warning families of flu victims and health officials are hoping to spread throughout this year's flu season as the epidemic[...]