Food Why You Shouldn’t Keep Bread on the Counter (and Where to Store it Instead)

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When those spores settle on surfaces (like your bread or the counter ), they start to multiply. Bread acts as a food source for the mold so it keeps growing as it breaks down the bread . The mold can actually double in size in about an hour!

46% of Americans have “no idea” butter can be stored on the counter . That’s almost half the country! So if you like butter ready to spread on warm bread (or steamed veggies, if you ’re into that kind of thing) consider keeping it on the counter .

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Whether you store bread in a basket or on a fruit stand, studies show that keeping it on the counter is the last place you should be leaving your loaf. According to a report from Food Studies at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, the microorganisms that cause food to spoil grow best at room temperature. Bread will get moldy and fuzzy after about a week if you store it on your counter. And if you leave it exposed to light and air, it can speed up its deterioration. Mold spores in the air end up on your bread, but they have long roots, so it could take a few days before a blueish fuzz starts to sprout. That means you could be innocently almond buttering infected toast without realizing it.

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Click through to find out why these 12 foods shouldn ’ t be kept in the fridge… First on the list is potatoes. The best way to store : A freshly made or shop-bought loaf can be kept on the kitchen counter out of direct sunlight or heat – a bread bin is the perfect way of keeping your bread cool but

Do you store bread in the fridge, freezer or in a bread box? Why risk losing flavor when all you need to do is store your food correctly? Keep tomatoes out in a bowl or basket on the counter . Instead of putting potatoes in the fridge, store them in a paper bag in a cool -- not cold -- place.

Where You Should Store Bread Instead…

So you’re probably wondering how to store your bread, right? You can save room-temperature storage for canned foods and other non-perishable items. The best place for your bread is in your freezer! It doesn’t matter if you buy it fresh from the bakery or packaged from the grocery—don’t leave it out longer than a day. A study from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that keeping bread in the freezer reduces the chances of mold developing, which in turn decreases food waste. Your loaf can last up to three months in the freezer and still be ready to eat in minutes. For example, Ezekiel Bread is sold in the frozen food aisle because sprouted grain bread has fewer preservatives than their enriched white cousins, so the grocers keep it cold to avoid early onset spoilage.

This Is the Real Reason Supermarkets Sell Bread in Brown Bags

  This Is the Real Reason Supermarkets Sell Bread in Brown Bags Paper or plastic? We bet you’re used to hearing this question at the grocery store. In the past few years, more people have been choosing paper at the checkout line to be more environmentally conscious, but one section of the grocery store has been choosing paper for a long time: the bakery section. Grocery store bread is typically displayed in brown paper bags. And, believe it or not, there’s actually a specific reason they do that—and, no, it’s not to make it look like a French bakery. It has to do with freshness.

Not all food needs to be stored in the fridge. Here are some examples, plus where to keep them instead . She suggests leaving whole melons on the counter at room temperature to maintain these antioxidants. The Real Reason Why You ’ll Never Want to Drink Diet Soda Again.

Now Isee what you mean about your desem--wanting it mild, and why you are keeping it at that temperature. OK, I'll keep my starters warm--at night the temperature of the kitchen ( where they I am going to feed it again today and am leaving it on the counter as I plan to make bread with it tomorrow.

Is Mold Dangerous?

It’s frustrating to discover that the bread you were about to eat has more fuzz and spots than a Dalmatian. If you thought about removing the moldy parts and eating the rest, you’re not alone. The good news is that eating moldy bread won’t kill you, but consuming too much of it can cause tummy troubles, allergic reactions, and respiratory issues. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends tossing moldy food immediately, but if you wanted to eat it anyway, just make sure you remove the moldy spots and the areas around them to get the spore’s roots out, too. But if it’s on our list of the unhealthiest bread on the planet, it’s probably not worth saving anyway.

Fried Bread Is Better Than Toast .
Most bread is good, but not all bread is good breakfast bread. Though toast is the standard—and biscuits and English muffins are both exemplary—fried bread might be the best bread for breakfasting, particularly hungover breakfasting, both in terms of taste and ease. Celebrate the Royal Wedding With This Full English CasseroleI first enjoyed fried bread as part of a full English breakfast and, as a Southern person, was honestly shocked that we didn’t think of it first. Frying a piece of white bread in bacon drippings or butter falls completely within my Mississippian aesthetic and it streamlines my morning.

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