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5 Foolproof Ways To Become More Than 'Just Friends'

Thursday  20:51,   18 january 2018

Most of us have had a crush on a friend at one point or another. But how can you get out of it? Staying hooked into the fantasy or hope that one day he'll "wake up" to your sexy awesome-ness is just that: a fantasy. Instead, Most of[...]

11 Things to Call Me at My Sister's Wedding Instead of "Matron of Honor"

Thursday  19:44,   18 january 2018

My little sister is getting married, and it will be my honor to stand beside her on her big day. Related gallery: 6 Things Every Memorable Maid of Honor Speech Needs to[...]

50 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend (Before Your Relationship Gets Too Serious)

Thursday  19:24,   18 january 2018

How do you know if the person you’re with is really "the one" and your relationship is meant to last? By[...]

The Deeper Reason You Feel Pulled Toward A Relationship With A Narcissist

Thursday  19:23,   18 january 2018

The pull of the narcissist is two-fold and yields double the strength. A narcissist's shining charisma lures us in, while his or her unshakable confidence assures us, which is why you might get yourself into a relationship with a narcissist —[...]

18 Things Women Accept In Relationships That Men Would Never Tolerate

Thursday  19:23,   18 january 2018

When it comes to relationships, women are so much more patient than men. They put up with more, they let more slide, and they realize that it isn’t always going to run perfectly smooth all the time. Women aren't When it comes to relationships,[...]

6 Warning Signs You're Falling For Someone Who's Going to Hurt You

Wednesday  22:54,   17 january 2018

There’s no sure-fire way not to get hurt in any relationship. But experience and a basic behavior meter are excellent instruments. Watch out for these caution lights. They are the signs of a toxic relationship: 1. They get close fast. He acts[...]

Why You Have Even More In Common With Your Friends Than You Think

Tuesday  21:38,   16 january 2018

If you've ever been told that you and your best friend are "honestly just so alike" or "could almost be sisters," it may not have been an exaggeration. A new study has found that friends are more likely to share similar[...]

Could your marriage pass this test from 1939?

Tuesday  21:36,   16 january 2018
WISN Milwaukee

Since the dawn of time, people have been trying to figure out if their spouses are worthy of their love or if they belong on the curb. So, how did they figure this out? With quizzes and tests, naturally! Someecards dug up the Marital Rating [...]

These Are the Best Diaper Bags for New Moms

Tuesday  20:32,   16 january 2018

From stylish to understated, we've rounded up diaper bags that won't scream "Look at me, I just had a baby!" These top picks all feature plenty of storage and quality materials.Trust us, diaper bags can be quite fashionable, and[...]

Stop Making Your Kids Say 'Sorry'

Tuesday  20:31,   16 january 2018

I don't mind my son looking like a jerk if he learns a more important lessonSometimes, it feels like it's all for show or a way to make me or my child look like slightly less of a jerk. My kid pushed your kid down the slide? Oh, look, he said[...]

How To Find The Right Guy (And Stop Dating The Wrong Ones Over & Over Again)

Monday  22:25,   15 january 2018

video Are you the type of person who keeps falling for the same type of guy over and over again, thinking it’s going to be different this time? You’ve dated so many people, and every time it’s always the same. All you want is to is find the right[...]

7 Traits Of High-Value Women That Make Them Irresistible To Men

Monday  22:24,   15 january 2018

Some women are born natural goddesses. They are not necessarily the most beautiful, but their beauty radiates from the inside, built upon self-confidence and self-esteem. This is what makes them so irresistible to men. Men are drawn to high-value [...]

36 Romantic Baby Names That Are Sweeter Than a Box of Chocolates

Thursday  20:40,   11 january 2018

You don't need to be due on Valentine's Day for your baby's name to be inspired by a whole lot of loving. Girl[...]

Why You Need To Heal Your Broken Mother-Daughter Relationship

Thursday  19:52,   11 january 2018

Why is the mother-daughter the most complex relationship you will ever have? Because it is the most intense, powerful relationship you will ever have in your entire life and shapes every single other relationship you create. To be able to care for[...]

9 Signs Your Independent Streak Is Making You Hard To Love

Wednesday  22:51,   10 january 2018

It's actually pretty awesome to be a woman at this time in history. Okay, there are still some challenges. But when you look back on the way things used to be, even just a few generations ago, we have it made. Women It's actually pretty awesome [...]