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Watching an 18-Speed Manual Transmission at Work is Intimidating

Friday  18:45,   04 may 2018

A combination of ten gates, a high and low switch, and a 'splitter' button makes things slightly complicated.Have you ever wondered how 18-wheelers are able to carry 60, 70, and even 80 thousand pounds of cargo somewhat effortlessly down the [...]

2018 Roush JackHammer Mustang Packs A 710-HP Punch To The Gut

Thursday  23:06,   03 may 2018

Roush will build only 200 examples. Order forms are now open for the 2018 Roush JackHammer Mustang. While the name is, uh, interesting, the performance under the hood is a no-nonsense affair. Roush, the aftermarket tuning company known for jacking[...]

The Experimental Engine That Uses Gas and Diesel

Thursday  21:46,   03 may 2018

A Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition engine can achieve 60 percent thermal efficiency. That's incredible.This engine only lives on a test bench now, as Engineering Explained's Jason Fenske details. It's a concept developed by the[...]

Buy Larry Ellison's Apocalypse-Ready Mercedes-AMG G63

Thursday  02:41,   03 may 2018

Live the life of a warlord in this fully-armored G63 capable of withstanding the blast of 4 pounds of C4.Earlier this year, Mercedes announced that the G-Wagen was getting an updated interior. The timeless classic was getting reworked on the inside[...]

2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali: Bold, Black and Bad to the Bone

Tuesday  19:58,   01 may 2018


This 2,000-Horsepower, 237 MPH Nissan Qashqai Is the World's Fastest SUV

Tuesday  19:32,   01 may 2018

Sayonara, Toyota Land Speed Cruiser.V-Max 200 is an annual event held on the disused World War II airfields that litter the British countryside where supercar owners can try to reach the top speeds of their prized possessions. It's not exactly a[...]

Mansory Edition Bugatti Veyron Does Drifts and Donuts Worth $150,000

Tuesday  19:01,   01 may 2018

If you had a Bugatti Veyron and funds to live your childhood dream, why wouldn't you?But, how much cooler would it be if we were able to achieve this dream in the real world? [...]

Why is my car made of plastic?

Tuesday  01:55,   01 may 2018

Cars bodies are full of plastic, and it's not just to be cheap.This irks some people, those who still think a good car is heavy on the sheet metal, but carmakers haven't swung to plastic entirely out of a desire to cheap out. When it comes to[...]

You Can Now Drive the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept in Gran Turismo Sport

Saturday  18:50,   28 april 2018

The production-ready real thing will drop in early 2019.While the production-ready Toyota Supra is still almost a year away, you can now take the GR Racing Concept version for a Gran Turismo Sport. Yes, as promised when the car was[...]

Here's What Happened When A Guy Used Wooden Pistons In His Engine

Thursday  11:11,   26 april 2018

A Russian YouTuber machined four pistons for his VAZ-2106's 1.6-liter inline-four engine, installed them, and tried to run the engine. It goes about as well as you might expect. We’ve probably all heard a variation of the tale of the man who[...]

Active exhaust available on 2019 Mustang EcoBoost Performance Pack 1

Wednesday  19:06,   25 april 2018

From early Mustangs, to Fox cars, New Edge cars, and even the latest S550s, you know a Mustang when you hear it. We strive to make our Mustang heard. No matter the year or generation of a Mustang, they all have an unmistakable exhaust note. [...]

Superchargers and Turbos Explained: Choosing the Perfect Forced Induction Style for Your Ride

Monday  23:45,   23 april 2018

When it comes to boost, you have options. Here are the most popular methods to add unnatural aspiration to your engine of choice as well as some of their unique benefits. SuperchargersThe oldest form of forced induction, superchargers (also known[...]

Pro Street 1966 Chevy II Asphalt Annihilator

Monday  23:30,   23 april 2018

When GM initially conceived of the Chevy II in response to Ford's Falcon, they aimed right for the middle of the bell curve in order to appeal to as many buyers as possible. The Chevy II was introduced in 1962 and it was immediately clear that[...]

1968 Ford Mustang GT from "Bullitt" Goes to Washington

Monday  21:20,   23 april 2018

Parked on the National Mall this weekend.You can find the classic Mustang on display at the National Mall in celebration of the 50th anniversary of movie and the pony car's 54th[...]

Driving the 2018 Easter Jeep Safari concepts

Monday  20:56,   23 april 2018

A colorful bunch of capable utesTallon sees the concepts as a way of showcasing the best and what is next for Jeep. "These are not trailer queens," he told our group of media deep in the high desert of Moab. "We're testing new parts. They're[...]