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The State of the Collector Car Market: May 2018

Friday  01:56,   18 may 2018

Where do we stand? Where are we headed? Our experts weigh in.We asked a panel of industry experts for their opinions on the state of the collector car market as they see it and their thoughts on what to expect in the near[...]

ZR1 Retrospect - From Racer Kit to Corvette Supercar

Friday  01:35,   18 may 2018

The ZR1 wasn't just an exotic engine stuffed under the hood of a stock Corvette.<br>The C7 ZR1 is the third iteration of a performance model Corvette wearing the "ZR1" moniker. To see the progress of the ZR1, let's take a walk through the[...]

Why Did Squirrels Fill A Dodge With 50 Pounds of Pinecones?

Thursday  21:40,   17 may 2018

Finding out your car has been made a squirrel's pantry overnight isn't exactly a high priority for most people.Last week, Kellen Moore of Gaylord, Michigan woke up to a peculiar occurrence in the engine bay of their Dodge Journey minivan.[...]

Toyota Patents Off-the-Wall Telescoping Tail Feature

Thursday  21:22,   17 may 2018

The strange device is reportedly meant to improve fuel efficiency.Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, the division of Toyota that works to make new cars and technologies, allegedly filed a patent for a telescoping device[...]

E3 2018 – Racing Game Predictions

Wednesday  16:56,   16 may 2018

It's speculation[...]

Purple Mercedes-Benz Actros 2663 “Lowrider” Semi Truck is Not All Show

Wednesday  10:41,   16 may 2018

Tricked out truck is also a workhorseManaging director Miks Auvinen and his professional driver Arto Simola have invested over 6,000 hours on the "Lowrider" truck with two matching silo trailers and the results look[...]

Eight of Our Favorite Cars from the L’Aventure Peugeot Collection

Monday  18:26,   14 may 2018

Peugeots in[...]

AMG's 805 horsepower hybrid V8s will make it to production... one day

Friday  21:11,   11 may 2018

Tobias Moers envisions a bright, exciting and at least partly electric future for Mercedes-AMG.Just think about that number: 805 horsepower. That's nearly as much as a Dodge Demon, from an engine that is two-thirds the size, smaller if you don't[...]

Internet Revolts After Couple Trades in Husband's 'Dream' 1966 Ford Mustang for a New Audi S5

Thursday  16:40,   10 may 2018

A harsh lesson in viral publicity for Audi Peoria.The internet is a fickle place, that we all know. But an Audi dealership in Illinois felt the unexpected wrath of the masses after posting a photo congratulating a local couple on trading in the[...]

'PoPo' Patrol Car Proves This Police Dept Has a Sense of Humor

Wednesday  20:03,   09 may 2018

Who said cops couldn't be funny?Police officers go by a lot of names: the fuzz, five-o, heat—or if you’re a 1920’s New York gangster—coppers. But one local Michigan police force has taken one of its creative calling cards in stride. Bath[...]

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Is Back For 2019 With Two Giant Nostrils On The Hood

Tuesday  10:25,   08 may 2018

The drag nightmare of a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was only planned for one model year, but its less powerful sibling isn’t going anywhere. The 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is a go, and the first teaser images of the car shows that it’ll[...]

2018 Roush JackHammer Ford Mustang is a 710-HP Pavement Pounder

Tuesday  01:31,   08 may 2018

Supercharged 'Stang also gets cosmetic upgradesBased on the Mustang GT, the 2018 Roush JackHammer Mustang comes with a host of special upgrades. It gets a Roush adjustable coil-over suspension, Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires, special[...]

Watching an 18-Speed Manual Transmission at Work is Intimidating

Friday  18:45,   04 may 2018

A combination of ten gates, a high and low switch, and a 'splitter' button makes things slightly complicated.Have you ever wondered how 18-wheelers are able to carry 60, 70, and even 80 thousand pounds of cargo somewhat effortlessly down the [...]

2018 Roush JackHammer Mustang Packs A 710-HP Punch To The Gut

Thursday  23:06,   03 may 2018

Roush will build only 200 examples. Order forms are now open for the 2018 Roush JackHammer Mustang. While the name is, uh, interesting, the performance under the hood is a no-nonsense affair. Roush, the aftermarket tuning company known for jacking[...]

The Experimental Engine That Uses Gas and Diesel

Thursday  21:46,   03 may 2018

A Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition engine can achieve 60 percent thermal efficiency. That's incredible.This engine only lives on a test bench now, as Engineering Explained's Jason Fenske details. It's a concept developed by the[...]