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Best New-Car Deals for Memorial Day

Saturday  22:30,   26 may 2018

Memorial Day weekend is known for barbecues, parades, and road trips. But it’s also a great time to buy a new car. Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this[...]

Declining Rental Car Insurance Abroad? Know the Risks

Friday  02:06,   25 may 2018

You’re on an overseas trip and about to rent a car. You decline the additional insurance offer and mentally high-five yourself for saying no because your credit card offers primary rental coverage. Not so fast, smarty-pants.Although the Nerds are[...]

You Can Get A Bonkers Deal On A New Subaru Right Now

Friday  22:06,   18 may 2018

Subaru has been winning a lot lately. It’s one of the few brands that consistently delivers positive sales figures while some of the other automakers struggle. So you would think with an in-demand lineup deals would be hard to come by, but even[...]

A Secret Way to Slash Your Car Insurance Bill

Tuesday  01:55,   15 may 2018

Psst! Here's an easy -- but little-known -- way to save $500 per year or more on your auto insurance policy.For example, if you are a member of some nonprofits or clubs, you are eligible for price breaks on car insurance that could put a nice[...]

Seven Engines to Avoid like The Plague

Saturday  00:25,   12 may 2018

<p>The engines in some late-model vehicles that have been known to fail catastrophically. Use at your own risk.</p> [...]

How My Daughter Saved Us Thousands on Car Insurance

Friday  00:45,   11 may 2018

A fender bender turned out to be a blessing in disguise.Auto insurance costs vary widely, depending on what vehicle you drive, where you live and work, and many other factors. Here’s what my daughter did after her accident that saved us thousands on [...]

Best New Car Deals for Spending Your Tax Return

Wednesday  21:32,   25 april 2018

With the traditional tax deadline passed, car dealers are revving up special deals for people who might be looking to spend that slug of cash on a new vehicle.&nbsp;Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this[...]

If You Want a Chevrolet Bolt, You Should Get One This Year

Tuesday  00:25,   24 april 2018

The federal tax credit running out"Our forecast will put us probably third quarter," Steve Majoros, Chevrolet's head of cars and crossovers, recently told reporters. "So if you were to run down the walk-down, that would give us the third and fourth[...]

Where to Shop for a Car Loan

Tuesday  00:25,   24 april 2018

The auto-finance business is enormous, with hundreds of institutions making hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of car loans every year. For many consumers, though, it can be hard to know whic h type of lender is right for their financial[...]

Best Used Cars by Price

Friday  21:26,   20 april 2018

Do you need new wheels but have a specific budget? Buying a used car can be a way to get the biggest bang for your buck. It’s simple: After one year, a new car on average depreciates 27 percent f rom its sticker price; after three years, it’s worth[...]

States Where Poor Credit Has the Biggest Impact on Car Insurance Rates

Friday  19:37,   13 april 2018

A study finds low credit scores can cost you thousands a year in car insurance, especially in Michigan.A nationwide report by NerdWallet finds that auto insurers widely use consumers' credit histories to determine rates, and those with low credit[...]

Just How Disgusting Is That Used Car?

Thursday  01:11,   12 april 2018

<p>It’s not the cars that are gross, it’s us.</p>The smart used-car buy is a vehicle into which the owner has poured his heart and soul. But whether it’s heart and soul, tender loving care, or outright neglect, every car receives something[...]

New Study Reveals Interesting Behaviors of Modern-Day Car Shoppers

Thursday  01:11,   12 april 2018

Now more than ever, buyers are interested in the total price of the vehicle rather than the monthly payment.Human behavior is an interesting subject. In fact, it's so interesting that private companies are willing to pay big bucks to try to[...]

Good driver, bad credit: What makes your car costs so high

Wednesday  21:21,   11 april 2018

Car owners with poor credit can pay hundreds — if not thousands — more to drive than those with good credit. This plays out in two important ways: higher rates…To see how much poor credit can cost car owners, NerdWallet looked at auto loan terms and [...]

Why rideshare insurance is a must

Tuesday  06:41,   10 april 2018

Uber and Lyft drivers might seem well-insured, between the rideshare companies’ coverage and their own policies. However, a crucial gap leaves drivers at risk if they have an accident at…Once a driver accepts a fare or has passengers in the car,[...]